Update Malwarebytes to fix system crashes on Windows 7

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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  • Malwarebytes crashes on Windows 7 can be fixed by updating the program to its latest version.
  • This issue happened after a previous update that created freezing issues with the OS.
  • The malware removal tool can be easily updated by using automatic or manual options.
  • Although this outdated system reached the end of life, this security tool still works on it.
How to update Malwarebytes to fix system crashes on Windows 7

Is your Windows 7 PC often freezing all of a sudden? Malwarebytes recently rolled out an update for the machines that are not responding to keyboard or mouse input.

Keep in mind that only the PCs who had the Web Protection Feature enabled are affected by this problem.

The issue was reported earlier this month by the users who are running the Premium Malwarebytes versions. 

The only workaround for them to get out of the frozen screen was to hold down the power button.

Malwarebytes efforts towards fixing the issue

The issue was first reported by Windows 7 users in the middle of December 2018. As soon as users installed Malwarebytes version 1.0.508, they started experiencing frozen screen issues.

The bug affected only a small number of machines. Therefore, Malwarebytes did not come up with a quick workaround for the bug.

Instead, the company requested users to provide its engineers with logs and data from Windows 7’s event reports to help them troubleshoot the issue. 

Who needs to install the latest update?

Malwarebytes recommends Windows 7 users to update to the latest version as soon as possible. 

The latest release should be installed specifically by those users who were affected as a result of the Malwarebytes update in December last year.

You can install the latest update in the following ways:

  • Automatic Update

The update has already been automatically rolled out to all the users who have turned on the automatic update mechanism.

  • Manual Update

You can use the link on the Box storage service for installing the update manually.

The good news is that although Windows 7 reached the end of life, Malwarebytes still supports it. That’s why this malware removal tool is on our list with the best anti-malware software.

However, the link might disappear very soon, so you need to run a manual check and manually install the latest version using the Malwarebytes’ interface.

You simply need to navigate to the Settings menu and then to Install Application Updates.