Cyber Monday: Microsoft 365 Family for Windows 10/11 & Mac

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  • Microsoft 365 Family is a subscription plan that 6 family members can buy together to access Microsoft 365 apps in the cloud, including Office, OneDrive, Outlook, and Skype.
  • There are numerous advantages to using a Microsoft 365 Family subscription plan instead of a Microsoft 365 Personal plan, like an increased storage quota.
  • You can easily share your work and collaborate with all users that you share the plan with.
  • Find below more information about the package and the deals you can get to save some money.

Microsoft 365 Family is a subscription service made available by Microsoft in April 2020 in wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic that has forced so many people to work from home. It was previously known as Office 365 Home.

The goal of the Microsoft 365 Family subscription is to bring family members closer together and help them easily access Microsoft 365 applications and resources, no matter where they are.

What you need to know about the Microsoft 365 Family subscription

the apps of Microsoft 365

You can buy a Microsoft 365 Family subscription for $9.99/month or $99.99/year and share it with 5 other family members. It has a 1-month free trial and can be installed on Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. This is the full price of the plan, Office 365 from Official Microsoft is not currently on offer.

Get Microsoft 365 Family from Official Microsoft

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You can, however, find deals for the package on third-party platforms. Several deals on Newegg can save you up to $30.

The 12-month subscription is on sale, as well as the 15-month subscription. Along with that, you can find deals for other MS Office products, such as Microsoft Office Home & Student.

The best thing about it is that you can seamlessly share your work and ideas with family members using the Microsoft 365 Family subscription on all supported devices.

You never have to worry about losing unsaved projects again. Plus, you can use technical support for Windows 10 and all Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft 365 Family features

  • Office
    • Download Office desktop apps for Windows 10 and Mac (also supports offline editing)
    • Edit docs with other family members in real-time and keep formatting across all devices
    • Use advanced grammar and style features in Microsoft Editor
    • Get advanced layout recommendations with premium content in PowerPoint Designer
    • Take advantage of monotone pitch, originality, and speech refinement in PowerPoint Presenter Coach
    • Use more than 300 templates, 8000 images, 175 looping videos, 300 fonts, and 2800 icons
    • Use Money in Microsoft Excel
  • OneDrive
    • Up to 1 Tb storage quota for each member (up to 6 Tb for the entire family)
    • Use deep integration in Office and Windows 10
    • On-demand files and PC folder backups are available
    • Unlimited storage for the Personal Vault (within your storage quota)
    • Protect your files using anti-ransomware and data recovery features
    • The links you share have an expiration date and can be password-protected
  • Outlook
    • Download and install Outlook desktop apps for Windows 10 and Mac
    • Use the Play My Emails feature
    • 50 Gb storage quota on with calendar integration, custom email domain, and advanced security
  • Skype
    • Unlimited storage for voice and video calls for up to 50 people (Skype to Skype only)
    • Call recording, guest links, subtitles, and live captions
    • 60 minutes per month for mobile phone and landline calls

An excellent subscription plan for the entire family

All aspects considered, Microsoft 365 Family is an excellent subscription plan that all your family members can enjoy. With a single plan, 6 people can use the Office, OneDrive, Outlook, and Skype apps for work, school, and various projects.

It’s incredibly easy to use Microsoft 365 in a web browser so that you and your family can quickly access your shared work with OneDrive.

Microsoft 365 Family

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