Microsoft improves Azure’s security to protect your business

by Claudiu Andone
Claudiu Andone
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  • Microsoft Azure is the most successful business cloud platform today and the software giant keeps improving all its features.
  • Microsoft signed a partnership with Recorded Future to improve Azure's security features.
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Microsoft Azure is safer than ever with new security features

Microsoft Azure is the top business cloud platform right now so it’s pretty clear why the software giant invests heavily in all its capabilities.

Not long ago, they even made an important acquisition to improve Azure’s data model.

With increasing business comes great responsibility and last year, Microsoft made some security improvements in Azure.

Is seems that it’s time for another security update, this time from a partnership with the security provider Recorded Future.

What are the new security improvements in Microsoft Azure?

The clients will be able to use the Recorded Future data in Azure Sentinel and Defender ATP speed up the response and analysis of threats.

The Recorded Future integration with Microsoft Azure has three major components as highlighted by Recorded Future in their press release:

  1. Threat Prevention – This is the first step of protection and implies blocking possible threats before any damage has been produced.
  2. Threat Detection – The next step is to identify the possible attacks if they were not detected in the early stages.
  3. Alert Triage – Lastly, this component is a stage where they speed up and resolve the Azure Sentinel alerts.

Security operations and incident response continue to weigh down security defenders in their daily workflow when they really need to focus on identifying high-priority security gaps and informing business decisions.

This partnership with Microsoft Azure allows clients to become agile defenders through automated processes with consumable intelligence that’s easily integrated with existing security systems.

– Stuart Solomon, Chief Operating Officer, Recorded Future.

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