Save $200 on VR sets during the Microsoft Black Friday sale

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  • Black Friday is drawing closer and closer, and Microsoft already revealed a few of the items it will put up for sale.
  • Gamers might be interested to know that VR headsets are also targeted for discounts.
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  • Looking for off-season bargains? We have an entire Buy section just for that.
Black Friday microsoft vr deals

The Holiday season is just around the corner, and this means one thing: Black Friday is coming, and it is a great time of the year to get the things you wanted most at a discount price.

Those of you that love a bargain and escaping the reality of mundane life might be looking for a good deal on VR headsets this year.

Well if that’s the case, then Microsoft has a few offers that might just catch your eye.

As always, before the actual shopping season begins, Microsoft gives users a sneak peek at what sales are to come, and this year, some neat gaming gear is included.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Sometimes, some of the deals listed in our guides may no longer be available by the time you hit the buy button. So, hurry up and grab them while they’re hot. Check out more Black Friday deals:

Two popular Microsoft VR headsets are getting a $100 discount

The two VR headsets included in this year’s Black Friday sneak peek are the two very popular HTC VR headsets:

HTC Vive Cosmos

The first item on our list is the much budget-friendlier HTC Vive Cosmos.

This VR headset will grant you crystal-clear imagery, all thanks to the 2880 x 1700 combined-resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) dial for visual comfort and quality.

Besides, getting back to the real world is as easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks to the flip-up design, as all you need is to simply raise the visor, and that’s it.

Besides, this VR headset is the most affordable of the two, so if you’re on a budget, this is the better option.

  • 6 tracking cameras
  • Superior visual fidelity
  • Convenient flip-up design
  • Steam and Viveport library access
  • 2-month Viveport Infinity subscription
  • Tracking isn't as reliable as with other similar models

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

The two products are about 85% identical to one another, although the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite does have a more accurate tracking system, so you will benefit from better controls while inside the virtual worlds.

Besides, if you’re playing fast-paced games, the Cosmos Elite’s built-in pixel-perfect motion tracking will help you a great deal in achieving those high scores.

  • Crystal-clear graphics
  • Lighthouse tracking
  • Vive reality system
  • Flip-up design
  • Vive port
  • Not everyone may like the Viveport software

In the end, it’s all about what you want to do with your VR headset and how much your budget can handle it, so go ahead and make your pick

That pretty much wraps up our list of best Microsoft VR headsets.

Keep in mind that this list is based on the sneak peek given by Microsoft and that more may be added once the official sales actually begin.

That being said, keep an eye on this article since we will be updating it along the way, so that you can get the best deals yet.

Let us know what VR headsets are you expecting to see this Black Friday by leaving us your feedback in the comments section below.

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