Microsoft Desktop App Installer to improve the install of .appx apps

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Non-Windows phone users often say they would never buy Microsoft’s phones because of the limited number of apps available. The tech giant has taken this argument into account and it seems to be one its priorities now. Microsoft has recently rolled out its Desktop App Converter allowing developers to convert their Win32 apps to a UWP App and distribute it via the Windows Store.

As phone revenue is constantly shrinking, Microsoft is desperate to make its phones more attractive for potential buyers and wants to fix the app issue as fast as possible. The next step after the Desktop App Converter is the company’s Desktop App Installer.

This upcoming app is being tested internally and will let developers distribute their apps more easily. Developers will be able to install .appx or .appxbundle files on their Windows 10 PC, without using Powershell or inserting commands into the CMD. Users will then click twice on a .appx or .appxbundle file from the File Explorer and install it on their PC via the Desktop App Installer.

The app will also allow developers to distribute their apps outside the store. Could this be a smart strategy from Microsoft to give other OS users a glimpse of what they could gain if they switch platforms?

Either way, Microsoft has started a real revolution in how Windows software is made and delivered to users. By simplifying things, developers can create Windows 10 apps faster and more easily. UWP apps can run on every Windows 10-powered device. In other words, developers can deliver the app to both Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile with a singular effort.

Users have access to a wider array of apps on multiple devices and they can also install and remove the apps in a couple of seconds.

We’ll keep an eye on this piece of news and update it as soon as new information is available.


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