Viber UWP App in the works for Windows 10, beta version to land soon

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Viber is one of the most popular VoIP free call apps but for the time being there is no Windows 10 customized Viber app. The company promised many months ago that they would develop a Viber app for Windows 10 but afterwards there was no update on the matter – until recently.

Viber opened registration for a closed beta testing-group of the app in February. Recently, a representative confirmed that they had submitted the beta version to Microsoft for testing. This means that Viber has finally completed the beta version and is waiting for Microsoft’s green light to roll out the app in the Store.

For all of you who registered for the bet testing – We’ve submitted the Build to Microsoft and patiently awaiting their approval before sending it off to you. We’ll keep you in the loop when anything changes!

Viber has also announced it enhanced the security level for the app, adding three important security features: end-to-end encryption, a cryptography key for all devices and Hidden Chats.

Viber currently features:

  • Best-quality HD voice calls
  • Video calls (supported on PC)
  • Text, photo and sticker messages
  • Full sync between your mobile and Windows
  • Transfer ongoing calls between devices
  • Pin specific conversations directly to the Start screen
  • Snap Viber to the side of your screen
  • Syncs with your mobile contact list to detect which of your contacts have Viber.
  • Spell checker
  • Change the chat width option.

The new UWP app may also bring new features since thousands of users expressed their feelings of discontent on the Microsoft Store about the current app version and its unavailability on Windows 10. It’s time for Microsoft and Viber to do something and wash away their clients’ dissatisfaction:

I think it’s very easy to modify win 8 viber app for win 10 and publish it. But still no app after so many months.

There isn’t a native app for Windows 10 YET. The lack of such basic apps in Windows 10, oriented for touch devices, costs users to both Viber and Microsoft. I almost regret buying a Windows 10 tablet…

We’ll keep you updated as things advance with the Viber beta version.




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