Microsoft discontinues the Reader app in favor of Edge

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Microsoft just discontinued its native PDF reader for Windows 10, Microsoft Reader. This decision comes as no surprise, as the company announced it will be getting rid of the app in November last year.

Redmond uses the discontinuance of Reader to promote Microsoft Edge now. As soon as you open the defunct app, you’ll be asked to use Windows 10’s built-in browser for reading PDF documents. As it appears, the Reader app was sacrificed for another effort of promoting Edge. As a reminder,  Microsoft also used to force other browsers’ users to use Edge by forcefully opening tabs in Windows 10’s browser.

Many users agree this move will do more harm than good to Microsoft. Simply because Edge still isn’t as attractive to users as Microsoft wants it to be. In fact, the whole PDF-reading experience in Microsoft Edge feels stripped down, and too dull. From that point of view this will only encourage users to switch to more advanced third-party PDF readers that objectively have more to offer than Microsoft Edge.

The Reader app is still available in the Microsoft Store, however. But it will only try to redirect you to Microsoft Edge using the window  shown above. So, there’s really no need to keep this app installed on your computer. Wheter you want to follow along and use Microsoft Edge or turn to a third-party PDF reader.

What do you think about Microsoft’s move to discontinue the Reader app for the sake of promoting Edge? What PDF reader will you be using? Let us know in the comments below.


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