Download now Microsoft’s first Edge Beta release for Windows

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Download now Microsoft's first Edge Beta release for Windows 10

Microsoft has been investing a lot of time and effort into their Chromium-based browser. More so lately, when Chromium Edge got so many new features.

Until now, the Chromium version of Edge was available through its Dev and Canary branches.

Microsoft Edge Beta is finally available

download edge beta
As a next step to the final release, Microsoft just announced the availability of the Beta branch to all supported versions of Windows and macOS:

While still in the preview stage, with this announcement the next version of Microsoft Edge is ready for everyday use. In the Beta today, you will see new ways to personalize your experience, along with support for 14 languages. With new tab page customization, you have the ability to choose what you want to see when you open a new web page by selecting either a Focused, Inspirational or Informational layout. You can also set a dark theme or visit the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons store or other Chromium-based web stores, such as the Chrome Web Store, to add your favorite extensions.

Unlike the other channels, the Beta channel will be updated every six weeks.

The Beta is more stable than Canary or Dev

Despite the fact that some earlier announced features still aren’t available, things like dark theme, tracking prevention, and Internet Explorer mode can be tested by anyone who downloads the build.

This is great news for Edge fans, as the Beta version should be more stable than the Canary or the Dev one. This brings us one step closer to the final release of Edge.

If you want to try Microsoft Edge Beta yourself, you can download it from Microsoft’s official page.

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