Microsoft Font Maker App lets your create your own fonts for free

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Microsoft recently announced that they have updated their new Font Maker app for Windows 10 users, which is now available for free in the Microsoft Store. You can now download and use the app for free on any Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft’s Font Maker App

The Font Maker App from Microsoft is a basic tool that comes with many options, allowing users create their own font. The great thing about it is that they can install that font on their device and use it for everything they can imagine.

Another important thing with the app is that it supports pens, meaning that users can use the Surface Pen to create a special font and then use it in Windows 10. Dona Sarkar, the program chief of Microsoft Windows Insider program, stated in a blog post that:

With the Microsoft Font Maker app you can use your pen to create a custom font based on the nuances of your own handwriting.

Microsoft Font Maker app windows 10

Artists and designers will definitely love the new tool. However, the app is useful to anyone that would love to add a nice touch to their writing. The official app description on the Microsoft Store resemble Sarkar’s opinion on the app’s utility:

Use your pen to create a custom font based on the nuances of your own handwriting. Install the fonts you create to add a personal touch to everything you do.

App Compatibility and Requirements

The app doesn’t have many requirements, but it does ask for a few things. For example, it will only work on Windows 10 PCs and tablets that can support Integrated Touch. If you’re not sure if your device has the Integrated Touch feature, you can download the app and see if it works.

As for the operating system, only the users that have installed Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or above (meaning Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher) can use the Font app.

The app has an approximate size of 15.59 MB, according to the information in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft has brought some features related to pen options (writing/drawing to Outlook Mail and Calendar application) in the previous updates, so the Font Maker app should get some more improvements in the following months.

Download Microsoft Font Maker



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