Huawei banned from using Windows licenses, but we expected that

by Milan Stanojevic
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Microsoft stops accepting new orders from huawei

Previously, we reported that Google stopped working with the Chinese firm Huawei. Microsoft is now following suite.

The big M announced it would no longer provide Windows licences to the Chinese tech giant. Microsoft’s services team has already left Huawei’s headquarters based in Shenzhen.

As we reported earlier, the US added Huawei to its recent trade blacklist and imposed sanctions on the company. The government restrictions prevented the company from buying technology from American sellers. Microsoft suspended services for upcoming Huawei products.

No official statement so far

Both the concerned parties (Huawei and Microsoft) remained unavailable for comment. Furthermore, some other US companies that stopped supplies to Huawei include Qualcomm, Broadcom, Intel, and Xilinx.

The Chinese company received a major blow from Google. The search engine giant stopped future updates on Huawei’s Android smartphones. This clearly means that Google apps won’t be available on Huawei smartphones in the future.

Huawei managed to establish itself as the second largest smartphone vendor around the world. The company recently entered into the business of personal computers.

Huawei decided to target the US market in January this year. The company launched new laptops aiming to expand its business operations.

Hongmeng OS coming soon

Microsoft already started to remove Huawei products from its Store. Now, Huawei is working on releasing its own OS.

The upcoming in-house OS codenamed Hongmeng will support various products manufactured under Huawei’s banner. Hongmeng will replace Windows and Android operating systems on Huawei’s devices. 

Luckily, updates for existing Huawei machines running Windows 10 won’t be blocked. There are some reports that Microsoft may resume its collaboration with Huawei at some point later based on future conditions.

Hongmeng is expected to be available for Chinese users in the Fall of 2019. Moreover, the OS will go live internationally next year.


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