Bad news: Microsoft removes Huawei laptops from its online store

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We all know about the current US crackdown on Huawei products. Many big names are now abandoning collaborations with Chinese companies.

Microsoft is not behind in this race and recently removed Huawei laptops from the Microsoft Store.

Many users spotted that the company removed the MateBook X Pro. As a matter of fact, users found no results when they searched for Huawei hardware. Some recent reports suggest that Microsoft has also banned MateBook X Pro from its online store.

Moreover, the tech giant may also ban server solutions from Huawei. Right now, the company is allowed to release software updates to Android smartphones for an extended period of 90-days.

This news was disappointing for the Huawei fans but others seem to be happy about this decision.

Excellent. China and Huawei need to stop meddling and stealing US trade secrets. I’m happy with this development. China has been allowed to get away with this stuff for too long.

Interestingly, a Reddit user came up with the idea of selling Huawei laptops without pre-installed Windows operating system.

However, many users may not be interested in a laptop without an operating system.

Some Reddit users mentioned that there are many open source OS options on the market. Huawei can go with any of them, but the company still faces a ban from hardware manufacturers. 

Windows is not the major problem for Huawei laptop lineup, as there are always open source OS options. The biggest issue for Huawei laptop lineup is the prohibited access to hardware components from intel, AMD, Nvidia etc.

It remains to be seen how Huawei handles this complicated situation.



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