Microsoft and Joye launch mental fitness features for Teams

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • The wave of Team improvements for 2022 has only just started.
  • Microsoft will start to focus more on employee mental wellness.
  • Now, the Redmond-based tech giant has partnered up with Joye.
  • A series of mental fitness features will become available on Teams.
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The Redmond-based tech giant is constantly tweaking its popular conferencing application, aiming to make the overall experience less and less stressful for participants.

Recently, Singapore-based well-being technology company, Joye, partnered with Microsoft to bring an engaging mental fitness capability to Teams users.

This aims at helping millions of employees prevent burnout and improve their mental health and productivity.

Find out how to better cope with work stress

Experts point out that mental wellbeing has a significant impact on employee productivity, which can reach 35%.

Now, Teams administrators can easily turn Joye on for the organization with a single click from the Teams’ app store.

Joye’s Daily Brew empowers the user to measure and manage their daily wellbeing, with the help of a virtual confidante or mentor.

The user can speak, write, or follow a guided reflection in a safe and anonymized space. Joye’s AI is trained to recognize the user’s unique situation and then assist them with joy-level mood analytics, behavioral coaching, and short podcasts.

Furthermore, Joye’s Stress Busters are 2-minute breathing techniques to streamline the mind at that critical time when Joye senses that there is a high probability that stress may be affecting the user’s mental fitness and decision-making.

Joye will analyze your work patterns in Microsoft Teams with extreme privacy and delivers timely suggestions to measure and manage your wellbeing when you may need it the most.

This is empowering every employee in the hybrid workplace, especially when they are lonely, overworked, and stressed.

It’s also important to know that Joye does not share individual data with the employer or anyone else and follows GDPR guidelines, and users’ inputs are anonymized.

Also, don’t forget that the walkie-talkie feature for Teams is now generally available, and the feature that lets you hide your video feed has started rolling out this month.

What other interesting functionalities do you think Microsoft should incorporate into their communications app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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