Microsoft Money for Windows 11: Download all Versions

Even though Microsoft Money has been discontinued, it still has a significant user base because of its solid design

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Key notes

  • With the release of the fairly recent Windows 11, users have come across multiple issues with different programs, and Money was no exception.
  • After guiding you through the installation of Microsoft Money, you'll learn how to modify the Windows Registry to fix any issues that arise.

Even though it is no longer being developed, Microsoft Money Plus Sunset remains one of the most popular financial software on Windows 11.

Microsoft stopped selling the program on June 30, 2009, and in January 2011, it restricted access to online services for existing Money installations.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset, a substitute version released in 2010, enabled people to access and edit Money data files but lacks any online features or support.

There were two editions available: Deluxe and Home & Business. Money was relaunched as a Windows Store app in 2012, but this time as a news aggregator for personal finance, investing, and real estate.

Users have reported difficulties installing or running the software on the most recent Windows versions because it is no longer being developed, and this article will help you with that.

MS Money’s releases

  • Microsoft Money 2007, version 16.0 of the program, was the first version to require product activation for copies installed from downloaded installation files.
  • Microsoft Money Plus, version of the program was the final retail release. The first and only version to require product activation on those copies installed from a CD.
  • Microsoft later released Money Plus Sunset, version of the program, an edition of Money Plus that did not require activation.
  • Then came the Windows 8 edition released back in 2012, which is version 18.0 of the program, and it was at this time when they decided to introduce the MSN: Money as the replacement for the main software.
  • And last but not least is the Windows 10 edition, which is basically the aforementioned MSN: Money, only optimized for Windows 10.

What should I know about different versions of Microsoft Money?

Microsoft Money has localized editions for the UK, France, Japan, and Canada, as well as an International English edition for additional English-speaking nations.

Other countries, such as Russia, Brazil, Germany, and Italy, have their own editions. However, these editions were phased out.

Later, Microsoft provided a free, time-limited trial version of Microsoft Money Plus that could be downloaded.

Data files from the Canadian edition of Money could be imported into this trial version but not from other non-US editions.

Users upgrading from non-US editions must manually export and reimport their accounts, and some information may need to be re-entered.

And now, for the main part, you’re here for the solutions. Below you can see a couple of different ways to install Microsoft Money on your Windows 11 and fix any possible issues and errors.

How can I download and install Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Home & Business on Windows 11?

  1. Download the 2010 version of Microsoft Money. 
  2. Double click on the downloaded file for the installation to begin. 
  3. On the next page, read through the whole license terms and when you do that, click on I Accept for the installation to begin.MS Money Sunset install begin
  4. Wait until the installation is over, which shouldn’t take long, and you will be greeted with the completion page. Here click on Finish, and you should be good to go.MS Money Sunset install complete
  1. The Microsoft Money icon will appear when you click the Start button and type money in the search box. To continue, simply click on Microsoft MS Money
  1. If the page below shows up, select Create a New File and click on Next. Then choose a location for the money file and click OK.Launching MS Money step 1
  1. Microsoft Money will now give you guarantees concerning keeping track of your finances over the internet, but none of them are valid any longer. Continue by pressing the Next button. Launching Microsoft Money step 2
  1. Money promises to make your financial records more secure by adding a password to the data file. Feel free to add one or check the box that says I don’t want to use a password then click Next.Launching MS Money step 3
  1. Next, they ask you to enter your personal information for better customization of your money file. You better just click on Skip and move on.Launching MS Money step 4
  1. Money used to be able to connect straight to bank accounts and work its wonders by taking in transactional data.
    Banking security has advanced, and we are pretty sure that no financial organization allows this anymore.
    However, if your bank still does allow .qif or .ofx files to be exported, you can import them into Microsoft Money Sunset. Otherwise, just click on Skip Account Setup.Launching Microsoft Money step 5
  1. Finally, you can see the message You have successfully created your money file. your money file is ready and you can click Finish.Launching Microsoft Money step 6
  1. Here it is. Microsoft Money is installed on your Windows 11 and you’re good to go. Launching ms money completed

What to do if Microsoft Money Sunset wouldn’t launch on Windows 11?

  1. Click on the search button in your Windows 11 taskbar and type Registry Editor and hit Enter.
  1. Follow this path to find the Internet Explorer file: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
  2. When you find the folder, on the right side, click on Version and change the value to 9.11.10240.0 and click OK.Locate internet explorer folder and change version value
  3. Then exit the registry and restart your computer. Now you should be good to go.

Microsoft Money is an outdated software that works with other old software, most notably the now-retired Internet Explorer.

Many Money users have noticed that the software occasionally fails to open, necessitating a short registry adjustment. To fix the issues you should follow the steps above.

We also recommend that you use a PC repair tool like Fortect because the problem could be caused by your computer’s operating system.

This tool can scan your computer for corrupted files and replace them, hence resolving Microsoft Money Sunset problems.

⇒ Get Fortect

Many of the features that made it so appealing back then have been rendered inoperable as a result of the discontinuation of the development.

However, Microsoft Money continues to maintain a large user base, despite the fact that it is over a decade old.

So, in case you don’t mind doing some manual data entry or import, it’s still an excellent way to keep track of your personal finances. 

If you’re looking for another finance software, do not hesitate to take a look at this article.

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