Microsoft is in trouble: NY Attorney General pursuing case about Windows 10 forced upgrades

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What goes around, comes around: these words of wisdom have never been truer for Microsoft. After months of user complaints against Microsoft’s Windows 10 forced upgrade methods, the time has come for Microsoft to offer some serious explanations about its upgrade strategy. This time, in front of New York’s Attorney General.

The tech giant recently lost a Windows 10 upgrade lawsuit and had to pay $10,000 in damages after its upgrade tricks caused a businesswoman to almost lose her business.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and his team are actively investigating a new Windows 10 forced upgrade case and are gathering evidence and user complaints against Microsoft’s unfair upgrade tactics. The lawmen have been helped by the Rockland County Times newspaper, which forwarded them a series of Windows 10 upgrade complaints.

NY state is not the only state actively investigating user accusations against Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade methods as other states are also beginning to actively pursue cases against Microsoft on their residents’ behalf.

This wave of lawsuits against Microsoft has even convinced some of the company’s fans to conclude that these events are being orchestrated by Microsoft’s competition. Google has never hidden its intention of stealing 80% of Microsoft’s business client pool, and many Windows users fear the search engine giant has recently raised the stakes.

Microsoft recently revamped its Windows upgrade window, which is now a full-screen pop-up. Judging by this behavior, it appears that Microsoft is not afraid of these lawsuits and will continue to try to convince users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Whether or not there’s someone who’s pulling some strings in the back to fuel these lawsuits against the tech giant, it’s a good thing that such legal actions against corporations do exist. Irrespective of the field they’re activating in, corporations are aware of their influence and sometimes tend to push things too hard. Such actions represent a guarantee that consumer rights are well protected.


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It’s not really the software that’s a problem. It’s John Q public is STUPID! For 10 yrs computers haven’t come with recovery disks your computer comes with the files to make them. Do people NO they dont, until it’s broken and too late.

If a corporation was upgrading there operating systems they would take certain steps one test it to make sure compatible with all other software and hardware they use. Just so happens Microsoft has a tool for that do people do it no they dont. Secondly a corporation would back up their data (not a bad idea to do regularly anyways, flash drive are cheap now). Third make sure you have those recovery disks handy. Fourth step you might need to reload so drivers and software so gather them up ahead of time. Like where is your ms office installation information, antivirus software log in information. Etc. Printer drivers and etc.

What actually happens is you click on schedule update and the next time your computer takes a windows update it upgrades to Windows 10. With No preparation at all and when it fails you bring it to Staples,Best Buy or other computer repair center expecting us to fix it for FREE. You failed to do 4 simple steps and now you think I’ll fix it for nothing.