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fix Microsoft Office Activation

Here are the highlights of this guide:

  1. What is Microsoft Activation Wizard?
  2. Why is Office activation essential?
  3. Fix Office 2010 Activation Wizard
  4. Fix Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 Activation Wizard

If you have been using Microsoft Office without activating it, then the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard pops up every time you open Microsoft Office.

And it persists until you take steps to activate your copy of Microsoft Office. In this post, I will be showing how to activate office. And other available options. Let’s dive right in.

What is Microsoft Activation Wizard?

The Activation Wizard is a tool added to Office by Microsoft to help simplify the process of legitimately licensing the various Office versions. The company asks that you activate your copy of the product to verify the legitimacy of your installation.

Why is Office activation essential?

Microsoft activation is one of the main anti-piracy technologies employed by the technology giant to limit the use of illegitimate products.

Activation opens up the Office’s full functionality (note that access to some features is blocked prior to activation).

Plus, Microsoft occasionally offers discounted offers for their products usually for users who have purchased genuine products.

How does It work?

Microsoft Product activation certifies that the office product is in use only in the number of PCs permitted by the licensing agreement.

The actual activation involves entering a provided 25-digit product key or digitally signing into your account. Activation is online, from the Office apps, or by telephone.

Who should activate Microsoft Office?

So long as activation wizard appears, your Office needs to be activated — failure to which it finally becomes unlicensed causing all editing features to be disabled.

Users who purchase their PCs with a valid Office product (Office 365, 2016, and 2019) from a PC manufacturer should activate their Offices through the Microsoft Account (MSA).

Those without an MSA are redirected to create an account the first time they open their Office.

That said, there are some computer manufacturers that activate their Microsoft software before releasing their PCs to the market.

Solutions to fix Microsoft Office Activation Wizard issues

Fix Office 2010 Activation Wizard

Method 1: From Within The Program

  1. Start your Office program for the Microsoft office activation wizard to appear.

microsoft office activation wizard 2010

2. Click change product and enter the 25-digits

microsoft office activation wizard 2013

3. Alternatively, close the activation wizard when it appears and go to file, then click Activate product.

 microsoft office activation wizard 2016

Method 2: Activate Office online

Click File > Help. Then click Activate Product Key and follow the easy steps.

Fix Microsoft Office 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 Activation Wizard

Here, the steps depend on how you purchased your Office.

How to tell if your Office 2013, 2016, 2019, and 365 needs activation

First, if your Office app isn’t activated, it will ask you to sign in when you open it. Do so using the details of the account you had used to purchase or subscribe.

The activation wizard will follow and that means it needs to be activated.

microsoft office activation wizard 2007


Simply follow the steps by choosing I want to activate over the internet (best method) then selecting Next.

 What About Activating by telephone?

  1. Select the activation by telephone option in the wizard and then press next.
  2. Choose your country/region.
  3. Call the Office Product Activation Center telephone number as listed on the screen under the selected country/region.
  4. Read out the Installation ID shown under Step 2 above when asked by the product activation center. The center will give you a Confirmation ID. Enter this on the space provided.
  5. Click next and just follow the remaining prompts to complete.

Activating Office that came pre-installed with your Windows 10 device

Office 365 is sometimes pre-installed for Home trial in your new device. In this case, you will notice the following prompt when you sign in:

microsoft office activation wizard disable

These are the options:

Option 1: Activate the 1-month Office 365 Home trial. Just click Start office 365 Trial

Option 2: Buy Office 2013/2016/2019 (or your favorite Office )by following the simple prompts.

Option 3: Enter the product key from a product key card you bought from a retail store.

Option 4: Install an older licensed Office copy if you have.

Activating Microsoft Office Editions included on new Window’s 10 device purchase

Some new Windows 10 devices include a 1-year office subscription or a 1-time purchase office copy (as part of the price). Activation offers remain in force for 180 days (from the date you activate the windows 10 copy).

This is the message that welcomes you on signing in.

microsoft office activation wizard keeps popping up

What to do:

Activate Office soonest possible by clicking the activate Office tab. As usual, follow the prompts to complete everything.

Help! I want To Activate a new Office 2013, 2016, 2019, or 365 product key I have just purchased

You will be forced to buy a new product key card if you didn’t get one when previously purchasing office.

Whether it’s in form of a key card or sent online, you need to go to this office support website for activation and Office downloading (if necessary).

Again, just follow the given prompts.

When to use telephone activation

Online activation is seamless and preferable. However, Microsoft offices users with slow internet connections should use the telephone method to avoid various hiccups  as a result of internet fluctuations.

Troubleshooting telephone activations

Some Office versions including Office 365 don’t support telephone activation and will show an error “Telephone activation no longer supported”.

Users can contact Microsoft service center via email to be connected to an activation assistant.

Activation Wizard popping up even after activation

how to stop microsoft office activation wizard from popping up

Sometimes the activation configuration may be faulty causing the Microsoft activation wizard to keep popping up despite that you have followed the above steps. In such a case, a simple online repair will do.

We go via Windows 10 control panel.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Right-click on the Start
  2. Navigate to Control Panel.
  3. Tab on Programs.
  4. Go to Programs and Features. While here, click Uninstall a program.uninstall program control panel
  5. Right-click on your Microsoft Office version e.g. Microsoft 2016.
  6. Click Change.
  7. Choose Online Repair.

Be patient as the system works to refresh the setup. Once done, restart your computer and log in as usual. The problem should now be gone.

Alternative approach:

If the problem persists, uninstall your Office then reinstall and activate again by following the previous steps.

Of course, start by verifying that your product key is not expired.


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