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Microsoft Project is a project management application that’s a part of the MS Office software series, but it’s not included with the suite. Thus, users need to install MS Project separately. However, the following error message can pop up for some users when attempting to install Project: “We’re sorry, Office Click-to-Run installer encountered a problem because you have these Windows Installer based Office programs installed on your computer… Click-to-Run and Windows Installer editions don’t get along on for this version, so you can only have one type installed at a time.”

That error arises when users try to install Microsoft Project with the Click-to-Run technology. However, Windows Installer Office software is already installed when they try to install it. Therefore, a compatibility issue aries.

How to Fix Project’s Click-to-Run Installer Error

1. Uninstall the MSI Office Version

  1. Uninstalling all Windows Installer MSI Office software before installing Microsoft Project will usually fix the issue for most users. Press the Windows key + R hotkey.
  2. Then open the Windows uninstaller by entering ‘appwiz.cpl’ in Run and clicking OK.The uninstaller window microsoft project won't install
  3. Select the MSI Office software and click Uninstall.
  4. Select the Yes option to confirm and uninstall the software.
  5. Restart Windows after uninstalling the MS Office software.
  6. Then try installing Microsoft Project.

Removing MS Office with the Windows uninstaller might leave some leftover files and registry entries. Thus, it might be better to more thoroughly remove MS Office software with either a third-party uninstaller or the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. Click the blue Download button on the Uninstall Office page to save the setup wizard for the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. Install the software with the setup wizard, and open its window.
Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant software microsoft project won't install

Then select Office, and press the Next button. Thereafter, users can select a I want to uninstall Office option to remove Office software. The Recovery Assistant also includes a troubleshooting option for installing Project, which might come in handy.

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The uninstall Office option microsoft project won't install

2. Install Project With the Office Deployment Tool

  1. Alternatively, users can install volume license versions of Microsoft Project with the Office Deployment Tool without compatibility errors arising. To do that, click the Download button on the Office Deployment Tool page.
  2. Open the folder that includes the officedeploymenttool.exe.
  3. Click the officedeploymenttool.exe to extract the Office Deployment Tool.
  4. Open the Click-To-Run Configuration XML Editor page in a browser.Configuration XML Editor microsoft project won't install
  5. Select the required Microsoft Project software on the Product drop-down menu. In addition, select a bit version and language option in the other drop-down menus.
  6. Click the Edit product button.
  7. Then select the configuration code text displayed on the right of the page, and press the Ctrl + C hotkey to copy it.MS Project code microsoft project won't install
  8. Users will then need to open the configuration text file in the folder that they extracted the Office Deployment Tool to.The Configuration file microsoft project won't install
  9. Delete all the text in the configuration file. Then paste the copied code text into the configuration file by pressing the Ctrl + V hotkey.Edited configuration file microsoft project won't install
  10. Click File > Save to save the edited file.
  11. Then open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows key + R, entering ‘cmd’ in Run, and clicking OK.
  12. Open the Office Deployment Tool’s folder by entering ‘cd’ in the Prompt followed by the full path of the folder you extracted the Office Deployment Tool to. Users who aren’t sure what the path of that folder is can select the extracted Office Deployment Tool folders in File Explorer and click Copy path to paste its full path into the Command Prompt or a text document for reference with the Ctrl + V hotkey.The Copy path option microsoft project won't install
  13. Press the Return key after entering the cd command, which should open the Office Deployment Tool’s folder in the Command Prompt.
  14. Then enter ‘setup /configure configuration.xml’ and press Return.
    configuration xml command microsoft project won't install

Thereafter, a Microsoft setup window should open that will download files and install Project. It will also remove and redownload Office installations if required. Thus, users might also need to enter product keys again.

That’s how users can fix Project Click-to-run installation errors. Also remember that the 32 or 64-bit Project version must also match the system version of existing MS Office installations.


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