Microsoft provides fixes for the Windows 11 memory leak and addresses the performance bugs

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Since Windows 11 was released, users have reported several issues in the update.
  • The bugs have been causing memory leaks in Windows 11 and causing Hard disk performance issues.
  • The new update KB5007262 now addresses these bugs according to Microsoft.

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In a recent update, Microsoft has acknowledged several bugs. One of these bugs causes Windows 11 memory leak, a problem with File Explorer, and hard disk performance issues. 

However, Microsoft claims that the most recent update (KB5007262) fixes these bugs. You may recall that Windows 11 user experience has been plagued with a few issues since its release.

Just a few days ago, the Windows App had been crashing but has since been resolved. Now, with the numerous bugs, an update has been released to address these issues.

Memory leak issues

Windows 11 memory leak problems occur when switching between different edit clients. The new update now addresses a memory leak in ctfmon.exe.

File explorer issues

  • Apps had an issue providing shortcut menu items in File Explorer and desktop context menus. This happened when apps were using the Directory or  Directory\Background registration but this issue has since been addressed.
  • The shortcut menus for File Explorer and desktop had display issues and occurs when choosing a single click to open. This has now been fixed.
  • There was an issue with File Explorer that caused it o stop working once it was closed. This issue has now been addressed.
  • There was an issue with renaming a file after mounting NFS share. The issue often occurs when using File Explorer. However, the issue does not occur when renaming using the command line but has now been fixed.

Hard disk performance issues

Microsoft has addressed a performance issue involving all storage devices (including NVMe and SSD drives) on Windows 11. The issue is triggered when performing write operations on any drive set up to use the NTFS file system’s USN journaling attribute, but only when the drive being written to is the Windows C: partition.

Have you experienced any of the memory leak and hard drive performance issues on Windows 11? Let us know in the comment section below.