Microsoft Rewards to pay you to use Edge and Bing

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A couple of years ago, Microsoft started a program called Bing Rewards. Basically, anybody could sign up and get paid simply for using the Bing search. As it seems, Microsoft imported the idea and wants to do the same for the Edge browser and not only.

On Wednesday, the company announced that the previous Bing Rewards program will be renamed Microsoft Rewards. It is based on a simple idea: if you use or buy many Microsoft products, you will receive lots of freebies in return. With the beginning of this program, people will be able to also collect points when they browse in Edge or buy stuff in the Microsoft stores.

This is an important step in promoting the browser, since at the end of last month, Google had more than 50% of the global market share for browsers. Edge is currently at 5.09% and Microsoft is hoping to give it a push by using this program. Of course, they also made the decision to block Cortana and allow it to only use Bing and they are hoping that through these two actions the browser will become more popular and successful.

If you enrolled in the Bing Rewards program, you would have received some credit for every 2 searches you perform in Bing a day. However, there is a limit of 30 searches on the PC and 20 on the mobile phone, so you can’t look up things all the time. 475 credits mean that you have a discount of 5$ for Amazon or for a gift card at Starbucks. Under the new name of Microsoft Rewards, the limit for the searches stays the same, at least for now. Each credit you had in Bing Rewards will turn into 10 Microsoft Points.



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