Microsoft’s Surface All-in-One PC to be released in October 2016

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There have been some speculations that we know of about Microsoft planning to unveil its Surface all-in-one device this year, which we expect to happen at Microsoft’s hardware launch this October, along with a bunch of other OEMs that will be displayed at the event. Reports from ZDnet, state that the device that is codenamed “Cardinal”, is most probably a Surface device that runs Windows 10 and has the ability to turn your desktop PC into a studio. At this point, it is still unclear what Microsoft means to imply by this phrase, but judging from past experience with Microsoft’s Surface book, we are guessing that it is going to be something excitingly innovative.

It is also rumored that the device will be released in three different sizes and that there won’t be a hinge gap in the upcoming Microsoft Surface all-in-one’s design. Microsoft is all set to sell a Full HD variant of the Surface AIO which will sport a 21-inch display, plus two additional variants which will be bundled with a 4K display- one of which will come in at 24-inches, while the other will have a 27-inch display.

The most we know about the upcoming Surface all-in-one or Surface book 2 device is that it is designed for the living room, it will pack Intel’s new Kaby Lake processors, the signature pixel screen technology of Surface devices and that it will contain a 3D camera as well as a modular; apart from these Microsoft has revealed no major feature of the machine.

Microsoft is being unforthcoming when it comes to making big reveals about their latest release. The last news we heard was that there will be some minor enhancements in the company’s existing surface devices like processor upgrades. But users will have to wait till spring 2017 to find out more about the latest Surface Pro 5 and Surface book 2 devices.

There still haven’t been any new revelations about Microsoft Band 2 and Surface 3 but as for the Surface Phone, we might hear something about it until next year.

Microsoft is calling its October hardware launch event “Project Rio”, that is expected to take place 26th of the month and the location is rumored to be New York City.


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