Microsoft prepares three Surface All-in-One devices for 2017

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Microsoft reportedly prepares a new Surface All-in-One device, which should be available in three variants. Various sources around internet claim that Microsoft is already working on these devices internally, but the company still has to confirm these rumors.

As Windows Central reports, a new Surface All-in-One device will come in three sizes, including: 21-inch at full HD, 24-inch at 4K, and 27-inch at 4K. Besides alleged screen sizes, no other system’s specifications are known so far. But if Microsoft indeed decides to release this device, we should expect more than just “a regular All-in-One PC”.

With Surface AIO, Microsoft apparently wants to make the Surface line even more diverse, and add All-in-One devices to already existing tablets and laptops. People already started considering Surface AIO as Microsoft’s direct competitor to Apple’s iMac. Are these predictions true? We’ll see in the future.

There are also reports claiming that not all three variants will make it to the public release, as Microsoft might decide to ditch one, or even two variations. Microsoft regularly tests a huge variety of devices internally, for its Surface line, but as we know, not every device makes the cut. So, Microsoft can easily just ditch some of Surface AIO variants, but let’s wait for the official announcement.

However, what points out that Microsoft will actually release all three devices next year is the fact that the promised one new Surface device this fall, and three new ones next year. Device which is supposed to be released this year is probably the improved version of Microsoft’s Surface Book, the Surface Book 2, which leaves three ‘slots’ available for Surface AIO devices.

Of course, Microsoft confirmed none of these rumors, so we can’t surely tell you if any of these claims are completely true. We’ll keep an eye on Microsoft’s further moves and announcements, and we’ll make you sure to let you know as soon as Redmond confirms something.

Until then, you can tell us in the comments what do you think about the idea of the Surface AIO, and would you buy one if Microsoft decides to release it?



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