Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 now expected to be released in 2017

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Microsoft’s decision to enter the laptop-tablet market with its Surface devices turned out to be an excellent choice. Both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 bring in a lot of cash to the tech company, unlike the forlorn Windows phones.

The Redmond giant released the Surface Book in October 2015 and rumors suggest its successor, the Surface Book 2, could see an early 2017 release. (Unsurprisingly, a series of rumors are circulating about Surface Book 2‘s design and specs.) Since many users complained about the gap between the keyboard and the screen when they close the notebook, it is quite possible that Microsoft will improve the design of its Surface Book 2 so as to reduce that space.

The Surface Book 2 will be powered by Intel’s latest generation of i5 and i7 processors for better performance. These will provide the necessary computing power to allow users to multi-task without worrying about lag. Since the Surface Book has a 2,000 x 3,000 resolution, the Surface Book 2 will most likely be equipped with a 4K resolution display for crystal-clear images.

Good battery life is another important feature users expect to see. Both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 had battery issues and Microsoft had to roll out huge updates to solve this. The best laptops in terms of battery life boast even 11 hours of battery autonomy, and as such Microsoft should also offer its users a decent battery life capacity.

If Microsoft decides to equip its Surface Book 2 with the aforementioned processor and 4K display, it will be hard to maintain realistic prices. Such a powerful configuration should come with a high price-tag. Considering this, the lowest price tag for Surface Book 2 could be around $1,500. If Microsoft wants indeed to compete against Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016, this is the right configuration to choose.

What other features and specs would you like to see in the upcoming Surface Book 2?



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