How to Move Windows 8.1 to a New Computer

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Migrating Windows 8.1 to a new computer can be easy enough but before you start the process you should think a bit if you have the necessary hardware specs to run the Windows 8.1 on the new computer and also if you have the necessary space in your new computer to support everything you had on the Windows 8.1 device.
Windows 8.1 migration to a new computer
Another important thing is the Microsoft account, if you are using a Microsoft account on the old computer then it should be pretty easy to migrate to a new PC with the Windows 8.1 operating system you had before and the specific customizations you made to the system. For a more detailed explanation please follow the tutorial below and get your new computer up and running in Windows 8.1.

Tutorial on how to migrate Windows 8.1 to a new PC:

First method:

If the new computer has the same hardware or similar hardware to the old computer you can make a backup of the system using Ghost program or Acronis program and install it directly to the new computer.

If the new computer has a different setup then the old one follow the second method posted below.

Second method:

For this method you need to have:

  1. A Microsoft account from the previous computer.
  2. A File History backup of the previous computer.
  3. A backup of your files on the OneDrive feature.
    Note: If you don’t have any of these and your old computer is not damaged you can make them before starting the migration process.

Steps for migrating:

  1. Place in the Windows 8.1 CD in the new computer and start the computer.
  2. During the startup process you will be asked for a Microsoft account. The Microsoft account you need to enter there should be the same one you had on your previous Windows 8.1 computer.
  3. You will get to a point in the setup process where you will be prompt to choose how to set up the computer, here you will have to write the same name as your previous computer.
  4. Now after the Windows 8.1 system boots up you will have to use the File History feature for restoring all the files you had on the new PC.
  5. By restoring the file history you only need to plug in the external drive you used to make the backup from the old computer and run the File History feature.
    Note: Everything you had when you last made the File History will be back in the new computer with Windows 8.1.
  6. The File history process will take around one or two hours depending on how many backups you had on the external drive and how much space they take.

You can see above how easy it is to migrate Windows 8.1 to a new computer. You just have to be sure to make the proper backups before you do the migration and everything should work as it did on your previous computer. For any thoughts and ideas on this article write us below in the comment section of the website.

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