The 20 Most Expensive Steam Trading Cards To Get Today

Encompassing list of the costly trading cards you can get

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Key notes

  • Trading cards are one of the exciting items you can find on the Steam community market.
  • By playing some cool games, you also can earn this type of card randomly.
  • You can sell your earned reward items on the community market though the price will be meager in most cases.
  • This article has featured some costly Steam trading cards that you may want to buy.
top most expensive steam trading card

Steam trading cards are virtual card that only exists on your Steam profile. You cannot use it outside this gaming platform or turn it into any physical card.

These virtual cards can be earned by buying and playing games on Steam. While many of them are easy to earn, some are expensive and can be a reward for fantastic gameplay.

This guide will show you the most expensive Steam cards that you can look to earn or sell.

What is the most expensive trading card on Steam?

Ami (Foil Trading Card) has the highest pricing tag in the community market, making it the most expensive Steam trading card.

There are even more cards with similar pricing tags. If you wish to buy one or are just curious about the top list for this year, go through the next part of this article.

Top 20 most expensive Steam cards in 2022

Tip icon Tip
The prices of these trading cards vary with time and can drop or go higher depending on several factors. The costs for each item in this guide are the exact values at the time of writing.
Hence, don’t be surprised if you notice any remarkable price drop or surge.

The Skeleton (Foil) – $1,903.73

Though you will not find many 1-bit-styled games today, the Skeleton, a rare Steam trading card related to Death Crown, has been one of the most expensive in 2022.

This is a real-time strategy game where you will play as the Death itself and punish humanity.

Ami (Foil Trading Card) – $1926.14


The Ami (Foil Trading Card) is the most expensive Steam trading card at this time of writing. This trading card is gotten from A Wild Catgirl Appears!

It involves Ami, who was picked up as a loner. She likes to draw but does not like meeting people. Hence, you have many challenging tasks to complete in the game.

Li Chengsong (Foil) – $1855.55

The Li Chengsong card is related to the game Chaos Galaxy. It’s a pixel art Galaxy total war game. You can select from 61 heroes and hundreds of warships and run the operation on a specific map.

How you will do in the game depends on your strategy. There are many complex tasks to complete to earn cards and rewards.

Bulldozer (Foil) – $1784.06

If you are a False Front game fan, you may want to own this rare Steam trading card. The game is free to play right now though there is a premium version.

But, its rare Bulldozer foil trading card has been one of the most expensive cards on the community market in 2022.

This cartoonish looked first-person shooter game has a lot of fun. While playing, you will get many rewards like the one listed in this article.

Tempest (Foil) – $1,688.61

This expensive Steam card is related to Ballistic Tanks, considered a fantastic Tank game. Tempest is not only the trading card from this title.

You can find other ones too. But not all the other ones are as expensive as this one.

USA! USA! (Foil) – $1,678.20

This expensive Steam trading card, USA! USA! has the tagline Make USA better. But, the name of the game behind this item is Jump to Die!!, where you will run your own company that helps people to commit suicide.

However, things are hard to accomplish here as zombies are on every corner. As a result, this trading card has been listed in the community market with a very high price tag though the actual worth is less than a dollar.

Fast Destroyer (Foil) – $1733.54

The Fast destroyer is an expensive Steam trading card related to the game Infinite Tanks. This game features modern combat vehicles, especially Tanks.

There are huge environments with realistic views that are very attractive. Moreover, you can play and complete single-player missions and enjoy the multiplayer mode.

Uranium Mine (Foil) – $1649.50

The Uranium mine is another exciting Steam trading card with a very high price tag. This item is related to Thousands of Years Later, an action game.

Here, you can make various weapons, gears, vehicles, and other things to protect your construction and survive. While playing, you can get some nifty badges and cards.

The Crystal Caverns (Foil) – $1,712.14

Expensive Steam Trading Card, The Crystal Carvens

The Crystal Caverns is one of the most expensive Steam trading cards in 2022. This foil trading card is related to an arcade game called Will of the Gods.

Here, players play as Gods, guide the followers, and punish the others who do not obey the other Gods.

Sumo Bot (Foil) – $1,662.45

Sumo Bot Steam Trading card expensive

The virtual reality game Pierhead Arcade 2 is an indie game where you can find many different arcade games. While playing, you can find many rewards, including trading cards.

However, the Sumo Bot is the most expensive in the community market. Therefore, you can spend a hefty price to get this Steam trading card.

Faceless (Foil) – $1685.38

The game behind this expensive Steam trading card, Faceless, is Warside. Even though the game is not available on the Steam store right now, the items related to it are available in the marketplace.

This trading card is infrequent and may not be worth the price the seller is asking for, but it is one of the fantastic items you can get from the community market.

Score Bonus (Foil) – $1552.55

Score Bonus Steam Trading card

The Score Bonus Steam trading card is one of the most expensive on the community market. Matris is the game behind this item which is an excellent puzzle game.

You can face various logic puzzles here and earn rewards by completing them smoothly, including cards.

Narcissu 3rd (Foil) – $1,637.22

Narcissu 3rd steam trading card

The Narcissu 3rd Steam trading card is another high-priced item available. The game Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project is behind this item.

This anime-styled story game is an exciting title for specific fans. As a reward, the gamer may get trading cards and other items.

Empire of the Dark Sun (Foil) – $1,599.00

Empire of the Dark Sun steam reward - trading card

Always loyal to the Emperor is the tagline for this expensive card related to the game Expect The Unexpected.

Empire of the Dark Sun is not worth the price the seller is asking for. But, it is still listed as one of the price Steam trading cards.

Expect The Unexpected is an Indie Strategy game where you will face many challenging tasks.

El Condor Pasa (Foil) – $1,430.60

El Condor Pasa (Foil) card

El Condor Pasa is one of the most expensive Steam trading cards available. However, even though it is not worth the seller’s price, it is still a very demanding and exciting item available on the marketplace.

Winning Post 8 2017 is the game related to this trading cart, a horse racing simulation game. You can play this game, explore the racing experience and earn cards.

Power Tower (Foil) – $1,349.49

Power Tower trading card

If you are a Tower Defense game fan, you may know about Thobax TD. This game grants many achievements and rewards.

Yet, its expensive trading card, Power Tower, is one of the most exciting items you can find in the market.

Fat Pig (Foil) – $1,231.45

Fat Pig trading card

The game Fat Chicken is behind this cool trading card, Fat Pig. You must fatten up farm animals for slaughter in this reverse tower defense game.

There are many exciting things to do in this game. But, one seller has featured the trading card we are talking about with far more than the price it may be worth. That sounds not so exciting. 

Cloud Hound (Foil) – $1,733.54

Cloud Hound trading card

The Cloud Hound is one of the most exciting items available in 2022. A puzzle adventure platformer game, So Many of Me, is related to this item.

This item was sold at an excellent price in the past. But, the current pricing is far from that, making it one of the most expensive Steam trading cards in 2022.

GIGN Riot Guard (Foil) – $1,230.58

GIGN Riot Guard steam trading card

GIGN Riot Guard is one of the exciting trading cards with a very high price tag. Though the actual worth may be around a dollar, the seller is still hoping for luck.

S.K.I.L.L. – SpS.K.I.L.L.e 2 game is no longer available as it was closed in 2019. However, its trading card is still available on the marketplace.

The Rogue (Foil) – $1,150.00

The Rogue steam trading card

The Rogue is another expensive Steam trading card from the game Reigning Cats. It is also a tower defense game with many challenges to test your love for cats.

This trading card had several sales in the past, which is far less than the current price.

There are many other expensive cards you can find on the community market. However, we have featured only the ones with at least a certain number of buy requests. It must be mentioned again that the pricing mentioned with each card may vary from time to time.

While still on the topic of cards and rewards, if you are looking to Refund a gift on Steam, check our guide for the detailed steps to follow.

If you have opinions about the costly cards, you can share them in the comment box.