Fix: MSN Weather App Doesn’t Work in Windows 10

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Users have reported that the MSN Weather app doesn’t work anymore in Windows 10. So, we’re going to offer you a couple of solutions, and we hope that at least one of them will help you.

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What to do if MSN Weather App Doesn’t Work

  1. Rename Configuration File
  2. Reinstall MSN Weather app
  3. Reset your system

Solution 1 – Rename Configuration File

Apparently something went wrong with applying the latest update for the Weather app, and that error negatively affected configuration file of MSN Weather, which is necessary for running this app.

To fix this flaw, we’re going to need to rename configuration file, and Weather app will probably work fine again. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

Close your Weather app and restart the computer

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Go to the following directory:
  3. C:UsersYourUserAppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.BingWeather_8wekyb3d8bbweLocalState
    (put your username, instead of YourUser)
  4. Find the file called configuration_3.0.4.366.sqlite
  5. Rename that file to configuration_3.0.2.258.sqlite weather app doesn't work
  6. Once you’ve renamed the file, close File Explorer
  7. And now, the MSN Weather App should work

Solution 2 – Reinstall MSN Weather app

Most people reported that renaming the configuration file solved the problem for them, but if you’re still unable run MSN Weather app, you can try to uninstall it, and then install the updated version from the Store again.

Just like it’s the case with most of other Windows 10 built-in apps, you can’t regularly uninstall the Weather app, just by choosing Uninstall from the Start Menu.

To uninstall it, you’ll have to run a PowerShell command, and here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. Go to Search, type powershell, and open PowerShell as administrator
  2. Enter the following command and press Enter:
    • Get-AppxPackage *bingweather* | Remove-AppxPackageweather app doesn't work windows
  3. And wait for the process to finish (if you want to know how to uninstall other Windows built-in features, check out this article)

Now, just head to the Windows Store, search for the MSN Weather, and install it again. This way, you’ll install the latest version of the app, so you don’t have to update it.

For now, we can only recommend you these two solutions, as Microsoft still didn’t come up with a fix, which started a real fuss on Microsoft Answer pages, but maybe the company will release it in the future.

So, if you’re still unable to run MSN Weather app, even after performing these solutions, maybe you should just wait for the fix.

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Update: the problem has been solved by previous updates, but if you still have issues with MSN Weather app, you can try the more general solution below.

Solution 3 – Reset your system

The problem might appear because some system files are corrupted.

  1. On the login screen, hold Shift, right click on “Power”, then select Restart.
  2. Select Troubleshoot, “Reset this PC” and “Keep my files” option.

That would reinstall Windows 10 and will keep your files. Also, it will remove changes, apps and drivers you or your PC manufacturer had installed.


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Does anyone at WindowsReport know (or care) that you are encouraging 10000s of people to
down the browser-highjacker malware called ReImagePlus ???? You have messed up COUNTLESS
computers all over the world. Hopeful a law suit will be coming your way.

hi there Nancy. Not sure what do you mean by that. Plenty of other websites promote that software, including our main competitor. Steve Clish, Reimage’s manager, will soon follow up on this, if you so wish.

I have a mac. My e-mail is Outlook. I can see the weather on your website for 3 seconds and then a rectangular ad appears and the weather report disappears. This also happened today when I opened my Goodreads newsletter. A rectangular ad appeared and no e-mail content. It’s something with those rectangular ads at the top of the pages. Please fix this. thank you.

Hmmm- neither of these fixes worked on my Win8 tablet. DANG- cuz weather was the first app I wanted and the one that gets the most use. It’s not working at all now cuz upon accessing- it requires an “update” and of course that sequence never happens. So it’s a major pain in the buttocks now. Gonna try to find a different weather app that works with Win8. BIG time fail for MS on this one. How could they let a major application like MSN Weather fail so miserably?

Interesting. None of those files are in that folder. It’s actually an empty folder. Hummm, I wonder what’s going on here?

I tried both…nothing worked. Well obviously the first one didn’t as the folder is empty.

I was able to fix it by renaming both:

1) C:Users%username%AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.BingWeather_8wekyb3d8bbweLocalStateConfigurationconfiguration_3.0.4.336.sqlite to configuration_3.0.4.336.sqlite.old

2) C:Users%username%AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.BingWeather_8wekyb3d8bbweSettingssettings.dat to settings.old