NASCAR racing coming to Forza Motorsports 6?

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Forza 6 is probably the best racing game on the Xbox One, something that will not change any time soon despite competition from other games like as Project Cars and Assetto Corsa. With that being the case, Forza 6 could be on the verge of becoming a much better game with the addition of NASCAR.

Since the rise of Forza many moons ago, none of the video games in the franchise have come with the ability to drive NASCAR vehicles around an oval track. While this has been done before in the Gran Turismo games, people have always wondered if Microsoft and Turn 10 would dive into this aspect of racing.

The folks over at GT Planet published a leaked photo that suggests NASCAR is on the way to Forza Motorsports 6 in the near future. The publication showed what appears to be a DLC card of the #18 Toyota Camry of the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and then champion Kyle Busch along with the legendary #24 Chevrolet SS of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie with Chase Elliot.

Turn 10 has not come out with any comment proving this DLC pack is real, but we have no reason to believe the leaked image is illegitimate.

There’s also a description at the back of the DLC card that says the pack “brings the raw thrills of stock car racing to the world stage for the very first time.”

Since the start of the current generation of video game consoles, we haven’t yet come across a NASCAR game that is both fun and exciting. In fact, we can’t remember ever seeing a good NASCAR related video game since Gran Turismo 6. It goes to show how little this sport is supported in the video game world, but one can understand since NASCAR is mainly an American sport and is not popular outside of the country.

Want more Forza 6? Take a look at Forza 6: Apex for Windows 10 via the Windows Store. A decent looking game, but don’t expect the full Forza Motorsports experience. Also, do check out some of the best games currently available in the Windows Store.



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