5 best network performance management software [Free & Paid]

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  • A good network performance management software will help maintain a congestion-free network.
  • Choosing software that allows you to ensure that your network level of uptime is as high as possible is crucial.
  • A good network performance management software will enable a wide range of options while being relatively easy to use.
  • Make sure to read through the details in this guide and choose the network performance management software that best satisfies your needs.
network performance management software

Since computer networks and their performance are one of the most important aspect in any IT infrastructure business, having the right tool to measure it is equally important.

Networks are prone to many errors and unfortunately if left undiscovered or unattended in due time, they can affect the end user performance.

In this article we’ve handpicked the best network performance management software and tested them as well in order to better help you in making an informed decision.

What are the best network performance management software?

PRTG Network Monitor

router temperature monitoring software

PRTG Network Monitor comes with advanced network monitoring tools that will help maintain a congestion free network which will keep the business up and running.

This software has multiple built in features designed to make your work as easy as possible. The incorporated alert and notifications system will let you know in real time where the issues occur so that you can intervene.

You’ll also be able to identify bottlenecks thanks to complex data analysis and traffic monitoring tools.

Moreover, you can also upgrade your network to meet the specific needs that your business may have. All in all, this is the perfect tool to ensure that your network level of uptime is as close to 100% as possible.

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor

Get the best network performance monitoring with PRTG Network Monitor and ensure high performance to your network.

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ManageEngine OpManager

router temperature monitoring software

With ManageEngine OpManager all that factors that impact your network performance will be closely monitored and analysed.

Since the network downtime has high financial repercursions, this tool help you maintain continuous uptime through pinging all monitored devices at defined intervals.

If any device is slow to respond or packet loss is huge, then you’ll immediately receive a notification in order to promptly address the situation.

Moreover, the CPU memory, traffic, errors and discards, and the WAN performance are other important factors that ManageEngine OpManager helps you keep an eye on.

Key features of ManageEngine OpManager:

  • Monitor parameters such as temperature, power, and voltage 
  • SNMP, WMI, Telnet, SSH, and VMware native API to monitor devices.
  • Network performance monitoring tools
  • NetFlow module for in-depth visibility on network traffic patterns.

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WhatsUp Gold Network Traffic Monitor

If you are looking for a tool that make network performance management easy, then WhatsUp Gold Network Traffic Monitor is the perfect choice.

With the integrated Log Management, outbound REST APIs this tool makes it easier to keep an eye on any network issues that could appear.

You will have full visibility to the status and performance of applications, networks devices and even servers in the cloud or on-premises.

Moreover, you’ll get real-time alerts to ensure optimal performance by addressing the found issues on time.

The intuitive workflows, and available customizations will definitely help you reduce MTTRs. All in all, the management data, integrated into an intuitive interface makes it easy to monitor the network performance.

Key features of WhatsUp Gold Network Traffic Monitor:

  • Integrated Log Management
  • jFlow, and sFlow to monitor network bandwidth.
  • REST API to integrate network monitoring data.
  • Bandwidth Consumption complex analysis.
  • Comprehensive Top Protocols, Top Senders, Top Application reports.

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SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor

The multi-vendor network monitor capabilities of this software will scale and expand the performance of your network.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor offers complex network monitoring tools, network insights to increase visibility and intelligent maps.

The NetPath and PerfStack features are perfect for easy troubleshooting all the problems that could happen.

Moreover, thanks to the advanced alerting system you will be promptly informed of anything that is not working as it should in order to quickly address and fix the issue.

Key features of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor:

  • Customizable topology and dependency-aware intelligent alerts.
  • Critical path visualization.
  • Intelligent mapping available.
  • Detailed monitoring of F5 BIG-IP family of products.

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Nagios Network Analyzer

Nagios Network Analyzer provides complete analyzing and monitoring tools that allow for easy access to data and charts.

Thanks to the built in features you’ll have access to networks status and you’ll be able to quickly detect any network outages or protocol failures.

This software is a cloud-based monitoring tool that provides a centralized view of all network traffic alongside granular data and in-depth network analysis.

Moreover, the tool will let you set up bandwidth restrictions where needed, especially when critical thresholds are exceeded.

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These tools help you better analyze and have a central view of you network performance. As you can see, with the right tool this can be a much easier task then first thought.

Let us know what software worked best for you and if you tried any of the ones we recommended above, in the comments section below.

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