NeverWinter’s optimized Windows 10 version will soon land in Microsoft Store

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The popular NeverWinter game is already available on the Xbox and will soon land on Windows 10, according to its developers. This version will allow even more players to explore the mysterious land of Neverwinter and engage in extraordinary adventures.

Neverwinter features fast-paced combat and epic dungeons. You can explore the city of Neverwinter and its surrounding regions while battling vicious enemies who want to cut your head off. The type of action from Neverwinter will never be boring: you can hunt dragons inside crumbling dungeons or battle other players on Icespire Peak. You’ll barely catch your breath before you get attacked by another enemy.

The game will also let players buy the in-game currency called Zen with real-world money. Players can then use the Zen currency to acquire items and accessories and upgrade their character.

ArcGames, the creator of NeverWinter, has not said when the game will actually land in the Microsoft Store. But one thing is sure: this version will be optimized for Windows 10 and will run smoothly on Microsoft’s OS. Some players already play the game on Windows 10 as they confirm on ArcGames’ forum:

I am already running the game on Windows 10, I don’t see what the big whoop de whoop is.

My thoughts exactly. Is there some new win 10 store i dont know about?

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The issue is related to the game freezing simply because it has not been specially designed for Windows 10. It is almost certain that new features will be added to NeverWinter’s Windows 10 version, but the main update consists of the special optimization for this operating system.

I recently came back to the game and am experiencing issues with its performance. Personally, I am hoping this will mean that the game will be better optimized for Windows 10 users. I’m operating in Windows 10 right now on a new gaming laptop, but I don’t feel the game works too well in this system. It works, but it does strange things sometimes — and it lags.

Players can get NeverWinter for Windows 10 for free but they will need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play it since the game is online.



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