New Microsoft study indicates Hybrid Work could increase employee burnout

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Hybrid work has significantly increased since the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Microsoft has been updating the Teams app to support interactions on the platform.
  • Remote work needs to be managed, or else employees will experience burnout.
Work from home

Remote working has become a reality for a majority of employers and employees since the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

The shift in the work culture has also happened as more and more people are now interested in working for organizations that offer to work remotely as an option.

Massive shift

The experience working from home will result in a significant shift in employer-employee relations. The work to be done and how productivity will be measured are becoming hard as employers try to figure out whether working from home is convenient for the business.

Need to manage remote work

While Microsoft has made steps to ensure employees and employers have a support system on the Teams app with enhanced interaction, there have been reports that there is a mismanagement of time.

Employees don’t know when to stop working while working from home. The results below show how the time spent working from home has been on an increasing trend.

Hybrid Work

A percentage of people prefer working from home while another section would prefer some form of human interaction.

In comes the hybrid work setup that would cater to both groups. Microsoft has supported hybrid works through collaborative apps. But it seems organizations are yet to lay the foundation and manage their employees. 

This is because there is still a section unsatisfied with the conditions and another who feels it is a good setup.

When analyzed, employees are attending a lot more meetings compared to when they are going to work. The constant work makes it hard to separate work from home and could result in employee burnout.

It is essential to take charge in the early stages as burnout has adverse effects and can affect both physical and mental health. 

What is your organization doing to manage your work from home situation? Share your comments down below.

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