Nikon camera not charging? Try these fixes

by Tashreef Shareef
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Nikon battery not charging
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Keeping your camera’s battery charged is essential. Professional photographers keep multiple batteries just in case. However, sometimes users may encounter Nikon camera not charging issue with their camera.

Camera not charging is a common issue and can occur due to many reasons, including faulty battery or charger and other issues.  So, what you should do if your camera’s battery is not charging?

Troubleshooting a camera battery problem is easy. In this article, we have listed a couple of troubleshooting tips to fix Nikon camera battery not charging issue.

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How to fix Nikon camera not charging issue

1. Check for the faulty charger

Nikon camera not charging

  1. If your charger fell, it is possible that the charger may have received some damage.
  2. Look in the charge port and blow out any dust that may be causing issues with the connection.
  3. Look in the port and check for any bent pins. You can straighten the bent pins, but make sure to be careful while doing so. Use a toothpick to do the same.
  4. If the charger cord is faulty, try another compatible charger cord and check if that charges the battery
  5. If the charging port is defective or damaged, you probably need to take it to the Nikon service center. The charging port is soldered to the motherboard of the camera, so don’t try to repair it yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.

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2. Replace the camera battery

Nikon battery not charging

  1. Even if you think the camera battery is fully charged, the battery may be completely dead.
  2. If you have a spare battery compatible with your camera model, replace it with the original battery.
  3. Turn on the camera and check if it is working or charging.
  4. Before placing a replacement request for a new battery,  insert the battery in another Nikon camera. This way you can be sure that your battery is dead and the issue is not with your camera.

3. Battery exhausted issue

Nikon battery not charging

  1. If you are getting battery exhausted error when turning on the camera, do the following.
  2. Check the battery type. If you are using incorrect battery type in your camera’s menu.
  3. On your camera, go to Menu > Setup Menu.
  4. Select Battery Type.
  5. Check if you are using the right battery type that matches the types selected in your camera.

4. Other Solutions to try 

Nikon battery not charging

  1. While plugging in the battery to charge, make sure to plug in the USB cable first into the charging adapter. Next, plug the adapter into a wall outlet. Now connect the charger to your camera.
  2. While charging the battery, make sure the camera is turned off.

By following the troubleshooting tips in this article, you should be able to fix Nikon camera not charging issue. Usually, the camera not charging issue occurs due to a faulty charger or dead battery.


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