Nokia 2520 vs iPad Air: Video Advertising

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This is not a battle of specs, but rather Nokia’s take on the iPad Air with their latest advertising. This is the same advertising philosophy that Microsoft has been trying for years now. But will it work?

This new advertising meant to highlight how awesome the Nokia Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet seems very similar to a Microsoft Surface RT vs. Apple iPad that Microsoft has released quite a while ago, despite horrible sales back then. Albeit initially Nokia was said to quit working on a  Windows RT tablet project, it has finally seen the daylight under the form of Nokia 2520.

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As for the above ad itself, we must give the due credit to the advertising agency, as it brings out the advantages that the Lumia 2520 has over the iPad Air, and it all basically boils down to productivity. However, despite this, the iPad doesn’t seem to be afraid of Windows 8 tablets, but maybe the launch of such devices as the Dell Venue 8 Pro or the Lenovo Miix2 and the Toshiba Encore will put pressure on Apple’s darling tablet.

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