Nokia’s ‘App Social’ Lands for Windows 8, 10 Users in the Store

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Are you having troubles in getting the best Windows 8 apps? If you want to install and use only recommended and tested tools that are working without bugs or lags, you should try the App Social software by Nokia, which is now available on Windows Store for both Windows 8 featured devices and Windows Phone based handsets.
windows 8 app social
This social Windows 8 app can be easily used even by a newbie who has just bought a new tablet, laptop or desktop running of course on Windows 8 system. App Social is being developed and offered by Nokia and, as you might know, it was first released only for the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet. Since the software was highly appreciated by all the users who have used it, now Nokia launched App Social for all the Windows 8 featured devices out there, so you can anytime download this social app from Windows Store (download link at the end) , or from its official web page,

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Manage and share your Windows 8 apps with App Social

First of all, when you use App Social you see the user friendly interface, that is looking quite similar with the UI featured by Google+. So, in term of user friendly characteristics, this social app should be easy to use by all the Windows 8 users. On the other hand, App Social isn’t a complex social platform as you can use the software only for managing apps and not personal photos or events (such as Facebook or Twitter for example).App Social

Therefore, by using App Social you will be able to browse and download numerous recommended and already tested Windows 8 apps, you can make your own profile and share your own selection of Windows 8 apps and tools, you can get new followers, you can follow your friends and save their apps or list of apps on your own device and lot more. Have a look at our video from below to see the app in action. Of course, to enjoy more of its features, you will need to sign up with an account or sign-in with the existing one.

The app is stable and runs without any problems on any Windows 8 tablet, laptop and desktop and also on Windows Phone devices. App Social can also be downloaded for free from, so don’t hesitate and try this new software by yourselves. Of course feedback us as soon as you can and share your experience with other users who might need your help.

Download Nokia App social app for Windows 8


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