NordVPN might not work on your Windows 11 device

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  • Users are now flagging some issues with NordVPN, which apparently won't work on the Windows 11 dev build.
  • It seems that the security software is unable to connect to NordLynx, which impedes it from functioning on the new OS.
  • However, there are users that are able to run NordVPN on Windows 11, so this could be a local problem, instead of a more general one.
  • On the off chance you aren't able to run NordVPN, there are other software choices that provide similar services, on which you can rely.
Windows 11 NordVPN

We all already know that there are considerable amounts of software that couldn’t make the transition to Windows 11 yet, due to compatibility issues.

But what do we do when the software in question is something actually important we are using, such as a VPN? The pertinent response here would be to simply find one that works. But which ones actually work on Windows 11?

To see a complete list of amazing VPN options that will surely work on Windows 11, feel free to explore our thorough guide.

Update: This workaround will fix NordVPN on Windows 11

So there finally is a way that we can get NordVPN to function on the new OS. It’s a bit of a tricky process, but nothing out of the ordinary, even by Microsoft standards.

Let’s start with the reason why we were facing this issue in the first place, which was a bug that manifested itself after NordVPN was updated to version 6.38.

Here is a workaround solution that will prove useful to all those that rely on NordVPN:

1. Uninstall NordVPN.
2. Use a registry program such as Registrar. Regedit works also but performing the search can be much more complicated.
3. Perform a search using the keyword NordVPN.
4. Once the search is complete, delete all the listed entries.
5. Then reinstall NordVPN but do not start the application immediately after the installation.
6. Go to your registry program again and perform the same search, using the keyword NordVPN.
7. Save all entries as a reg file on your desktop.

This solution is the quickest way to access the NordLynx protocol, and it spares you the trouble of having to re-image Windows again.

NordVPN doesn’t work for many users on Windows 11

For many of the users that have used NordVPN until now, transitioning to the early dev builds for Windows 11 posed a bit of a problem, from the VPN’s point of view.

To be more exact, for the great majority, the security software simply won’t function anymore on the new operating system.

Many have even tried running it in compatibility mode as well but to no avail. So it would seem that there are some serious compatibility issues here, issues that we all hope will get dealt with as soon as possible.

It appears that the root of the problem is the incapability of the Windows 11 devices to actually connect to the NorxLynx servers.

Omg, are you also having the issue where it says it can’t connect to NordLynx? Also where it will fail to connect. It works on the first boot on windows 11 then stopped after I rebooted

This is not good news at all for the many users that relied on the NordVPN services. However, this could be just a temporary setback, which Microsoft, or the VPN developers, could look into and get fixed.

There are, however, some users that haven’t experienced these issues and continue using NordVPN on their brand new OS dev build, as if nothing ever changed.

NordVPN is working like before. I have enabled NordLynx and no problem with yesterday’s W11 build and several restarts.

So, this could also be a user-related issue, rather than a general system-wide one that affects the entire community.

In fact, one of our readest reported that the OpenVPN UDP / TCP works as well as the NordLynx method of connection and that it works perfectly fine for him.

This is still the beginning of this long road, so buckle up, as the ride could get pretty bumpy until we hit the smooth, open road again.


In order to avoid any problems while trying to run NordVPN on Windows 11, you will need to switch the protocol settings to OpenVPN (TCP).

Follow these simple steps to do so:

  1. Click on the gear icon found in the top right corner of the NordVPN app.
  2. Select the Auto Connect option from the left side menu.
  3. Disable the Choose a VPN protocol and server automatically setting.
  4. Click the toogle and choose the OpenVPN (TCP) protocol.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to change this option, and it has a great effect. Users that have made this change can run NordVPN on Windows 11 without any issues, so make sure to perform this change as fast as possible.

What other VPNs work on Windows 11?

Rest assured that there are alternatives to this security software if you just can’t get it to function on Windows 11.

If you are planning to switch to other VPN software that works on Windows 11, without any know issues, you might want to choose between:

  1. Private Internet Access
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  4. IP Vanish

There are, more than likely, other VPN providers that can still offer their services, even on the new developers build of Windows 11, but these are the most popular and sought-after.

Remember that, as we mentioned above, NordVPN still works for some users, so you can also go ahead and give that a try.

If you find yourself in the category of users that can’t run NordVPN, feel free to choose from the other available VPN providers.

Have you installed your dev Windows 11 build? If so, what VPN works for you on the new OS? Let us know in the comments section below.

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