Nvidia Releases GeForce WHQL Drivers for Windows 10 [Download]

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Problems with graphics drivers are often after the upgrade to Windows 10, especially for Nvidia users, as they had more issues than others. But Nvidia recently released a new set of WHQL drivers, hoping that it will solve at least some users’ problems with drivers.
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As said in the preview note, the new set of GeForce 355.60 WHQL drivers is going to arrive just in time to support the DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 preview of the new real time strategy game, Ashes of Singularity, which is developed and will be published by Stardock. Speaking of Stardock, looks like its developers are pretty busy with new releases these days, as the company announced new Start Menu customization tool for Windows 10.

Besides good timing for the Ashes of Singularity, the new GeForce 355.60 WHQL driver set also supports the Beta version of the GameWorks VR software development kit (SDK). So users will be able to enjoy using GameWorks VR, supporting applications which come with it, and headsets for the very first time. Besides this, there are no other major changes in this driver set.

If you still didn’t upgrade your system to Windows 10, but plan to do that, we should mention that it will support the most of the recent Nvidia cards, although some people had problems to install and update drivers after the upgrade. And if you face the problem after the upgrade, and after downloading GeForce 355.60 WHQL drivers, try a to reboot your computer a couple of time, and your problem should be solved. But if you still have the problem, check out this article about solving Nvidia driver problems.

Go to this link to download the 32-bit version of GeForce 355.60 WHQL drivers for Windows 10, and to this to download the 64-bit version of GeForce 355.60 WHQL drivers for Windows 10, if you didn’t receive it through Windows Update.

Update – if you want to stay updated on the latest drivers released for Windows 10 users, then go ahead and follow this link.

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