Windows 8.1 RT Update 3 to Bring Start Menu & Lock Screen Improvements

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We already told you that Microsoft is preparing some updates for Windows 8.1 RT this fall, but you probably forgot about it because all that hype about the release of Windows 10. So Microsoft revealed a couple of features from the new update, just to remind you that it’s coming. 
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But let’s get one thing straight first, Microsoft still didn’t change its decision to not deliver Windows 10 for RT devices, so September’s RT Update 3 is still going to be for Windows 8.1 RT, and that’s the only thing Windows RT users should hope for.

But, even if Windows 10 won’t come on Windows RT devices, Microsoft mentioned the RT Update 3 in the Windows 10 FAQ, which seems a bit strange. The only explanation for this is that Microsoft is using the Windows 10 hype to promote the latest update for RT devices. Also, it makes sense that Microsoft are going to use Windows 10 ‘answer pages’ to help Windows RT users with their problems, because opening a whole new community just for RT users would probably be just the waste of money.

But, let’s talk about the features that Microsoft will release as the part of the September’s Windows 8.1 RT Update 3. So, as we said, you won’t get Windows 10 on your RT device, but you’ll get some Start Menu and lock screen improvements. So, make sure to check for updates regularly on your Windows RT device, and you’ll probably get the update in not more than a month.

Microsoft actually didn’t reveal the exact changes to Start Menu, lock screen, and other feature that will be made in the upcoming update, but it could bring some features from Windows 10, as well. Some people are mentioning the replica of Windows 10’s Start Menu, but we don’t have any official info. So, even if Microsoft decided not to deliver Windows 10 to RT devices, its users could use some of Windows 10 features, at least.

Windows RT was released in October 2012, and Microsoft hoped that it could be the main ‘engine’ of its tablets like Surface RT, but it appeared to be quite unpopular, and that’s the main reason why Microsoft won’t deliver Windows 10 on Windows RT devices, as it will be just the waste of money, time and resources. There were also some rumors that Microsoft plans to kill this OS, but since the new update is around the corner, the company will apparently keep it alive a little more.

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