Office 365 lets you better control what data you share with Microsoft

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After the GDPR was officially adopted, Microsoft promised to make the necessary changes to the way it collects data from users. The company is now introducing two new categories (Required and Optional) to the data collected from Office 365 Enterprise users.

Microsoft faced criticism for GDPR violations on multiple occasions. These violations were mostly related to how Office apps collected user data and shared with their parent company.

Microsoft didn’t bother about users’ privacy concerns during the process. Neither had they the option to disable the data collection process itself.

Office 365 becomes GDPR compliant

Microsoft says that these changes are made to address the concerns of European clients. The company is of the view that the “Required data” will be the one that is required to ensure your account’s security or to make your products work.

The big M plans to roll out both these features in the next few months for Office 365 Pro Plus and Windows 10 users. Moreover, products like Dynamics 365 and Xbox will get additional changes and features in the next few months.

The company is planning to list down details regarding these changes into a report. The published report will include details when the company steps back from collecting specific user data.

Microsoft claims it does not collect details of your personal files, your email or other personal data. IT administrators will now have the option to enable or disable privacy controls for other users on the same Office 365 account.

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Data breach scandals on the rise

Users were not concerned about data privacy a few years ago. The ever growing number of data breach scandals affecting major tech companies pushed users to focus more on their privacy and how companies user their data.

Microsoft is now addressing some of users’ concerns. The recent changes to Microsoft’s data collection policy are really impressive. Now it’s up to Microsoft to put in the efforts necessary to keep its promises.



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