Dynamics 365 Guides is the perfect tool for onboarding processes

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Microsoft just unveiled Dynamics 365 Guides  — a mixed reality application that allows employees to learn new skills in a practical environment by completing various tasks.

The app will be rolled out to the general public next year. This mixed reality training tool has been developed targeting business customers.

Dynamics 365 Guides Features

1. Hands-on learning

Employees will be able to learn new skills with the help of the  step-by-step instructions provided by the app. It helps them to get familiar with the tasks and tools that they are going to use during the course of their work.

In other words, employees will be able to understand how to use the tools in a practical environment.

2. Improves training effectiveness

As a company, you can covert institutional knowledge into a tool that can enhance their learning capabilities. This tool can be used repeatedly for training your employees.

It helps you to attach photos and videos, create interactive content, customize training and import 3D models.

3. Use data to enhance employee performance

Dynamics 365 Guides news

Employers can use the app to improve the processes and track employee and company performance. It will help them to identify where their employees are lacking behind by looking at employee performance data on their Power BI dashboards.

As you can see, the app serves a dual purpose. It not only allows the employers to have a complete track on the performance of their employees but also helps employees to improve their skills.

Microsoft claims that the app actually increases efficiency for mission-critical processes and equipment and also helps to minimize downtime. The applications offer support for both the new HoloLens 2 and HoloLens.

For more information on how to get started with Dynamics 365 Guides, go to Microsoft’s support page.

Apart from Dynamics 365 Guides, Microsoft also announced HoloLens 2, Azure Kinect Developer Kit (DK), and Azure Mixed Reality Services. Microsoft is also working to enhance the capabilities of HoloLens 2 by bringing a prototype of the Firefox Reality browser.

It is interesting to see how Microsoft is setting new industry standards by bringing new technology to the users. Let’s wait and see what the company has in its basket to announce later this year.



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