4 best privacy breach detection software to keep your data safe in 2018

By: Elsie Otachi
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best privacy breach detection software

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Today’s world has highly sophisticated data breaches, threats and attacks, as well as intrusions, because hackers and cyber criminals are always devising new ways of gaining access into your home or business networks, so this makes it an urgent necessity to have a multi-tiered approach to network security.

The best privacy breach detection software, also known as intrusion detection systems (IDS), or sometimes called data loss prevention (DLP) software, are deployed to defend the home or business network from the high-tech attacks and threats that emerge almost on a daily basis.

As a network security tool, these privacy breach software detect any vulnerability exploits meant to attack your applications or computers, and helps monitor the network or system from any form of threats and malicious activities.

The common privacy breach detection software can be either based on your network (monitor inbound and outbound traffic in the network), host-based (safeguard the overall network), signature based (monitor packets and compare against the database of signatures), anomaly based (monitor network traffic compared against an established baseline), reactive (detects malicious activity and responds to them) or passive (detection and alerting).

The best privacy breach detection software uses both host and network based strategies for stronger protection, and below are some of the top software you can use in 2018 that will keep you updated, and protected against any threats.


Best privacy breach detection software for 2018



best privacy breach detection software

This privacy breach detection software is the innovation of Varonis Systems, an American software company, and it lets organizations track, visualize, analyze and protect their data.

Varonis performs user behavior analytics so as to detect and identify abnormal behavior and defend from cyberattacks, by extracting metadata from your IT infrastructure and uses this to map relationships among data objects, your employees, content, and usage, so you can get more visibility into your data, and protect it.

The Varonis framework is implemented through non-intrusive monitoring in file servers, and IDU analytics engine level which performs statistical analysis to get data owners, baseline user activity and groupings.

Its DatAdvantage data governance software is a top contender as it analyzes file systems and access patterns deeply, to give recommendations on changes.

It addresses privacy breach detection issues giving your IT team the ability to analyze, manage and secure your data with a fast and straightforward setup, solving a number of challenges, and determining data ownership based on access frequency, plus performs usage auditing.

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best privacy breach detection software

This is the first data access governance solution provider that supports unstructured and structured data repositories, protecting your credentials against your most vulnerable targets.

Stealthbits is a cybersecurity software company that protects sensitive data and credentials attackers use to steal the data itself.

Some of its major tools that it uses to protect and detect privacy breaches include:

  • Stealth Intercept, which detects, prevents and alerts you in real time. You get to see threats, malicious and accidental, as and when they happen, with real time alerts, or you can block them to ensure they don’t become disasters.
  • Stealth Defend, which is a real-time threat analytics and alerting tool to defend your organization against advanced threats and attempts to exfiltrate and destroy your data. It leverages on unsupervised machine learning to eliminate excessive and undifferentiated warnings to surface truly meaningful trends and alerts on attempts to compromise your data.
  • Stealth Recover helps you rollback and recover active directory changes. The health and operational integrity of the Active directory impacts on its security, so to maintain a secure and optimized directory, you need to rollback and recover from accidental or malicious changes. This tool helps rollback quickly and easily the undesired changes, recover deleted objects, and restore domains without downtime
  • Stealthbits File activity monitor stores file access and permission changes for Windows file servers, and NAS devices without needing native logging. You can see everything as it happens to stop threats and understand everything.

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best privacy breach detection software

This is a fast, highly robust, open-source privacy breach detection software developed by the Open Information Security Foundation, capable of performing intrusion detection in real time, plus it prevents inline intrusion, and monitors your network’s security.

It features modules such as capturing, collection, decoding, detection and output, following the process in that order. It first captures the traffic, then decodes it, and specifies how the flow separates in between its processors.

Suricata is multi-threaded and uses a rules and signature language, plus Lua scripting to detect complex threats, and it works with the top three operating systems including Windows.

Some of its advantages include network traffic processing on the seventh OSI model layer thus enhancing its malware detection capabilities, automatic detection and parsing of protocols to apply all rules on every protocol, as well as GPU acceleration.

Every software has its flaws, and Suricata’s lie in the fact that it has less support compared to Snort, and its operation is complex and needs more system resources to function fully.

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best privacy breach detection software

This is another free and open-source privacy breach detection software created in 1998, whose main advantage is its ability to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on the network.

Features include protocol analysis, content searching and pre-processors, which make this tool widely accepted for detecting malware of all types, exploits, scanning ports and many other security issues.

Snort can be configured in sniffer, packet logger, and network intrusion detection modes. Sniffer mode reads packets and displays the information, Packet logger logs the packets on the disk, while the network intrusion detection mode monitors real-time traffic comparing it with the user-defined rules.

Attacks like stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes, buffer overflow, and OS finger printing attempts, and others can be detected by Snort, and it works on various hardware platforms and operating systems like Windows and others.

Its advantages are it is easy to write intrusion detection rules, flexible and dynamic for deployment, and has a good community support base for troubleshooting. However, it has no GUI interface for manipulating rules, is slow in processing network packets, and cannot detect signature splits over multiple TCP packets.

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Is there a privacy breach detection software you use that you’d like everyone to know about? Share with us by leaving a comment in the section below.

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