Latest Windows 10 updates may downgrade your drivers

Sinziana Mihalache
by Sinziana Mihalache
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  • Users noticed some very old driver updates suggested in the optional updates section.
  • While updating drivers is extremely important, there's still the question of whether these updates are OK.
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old drivers updates

Updating your system drivers is an operation that accounts for the impeccable functionality and, in the long run, the lifespan of your device.

After drive compatibility issues that Microsoft has acknowledged, users now noticed that their list of optional driver updates includes very old drivers.

Should I install updates of old drivers?

More specifically, a user mentioned an INTEL -System driver update dated 01/01/1970. On some devices, even older drivers’ suggestions are displayed.)

microsoft lists old drivers updates

These updates can be seen in Settings > Updated & Security > View optional updates.  Here you have to expand the drop-down list with optional updates.

how can i view optional updates

Note that the issues can’t be reproduced on any device.

On the other hand, it’s also been reported that suggestions of certain driver updateskeep reappearing, even though the same driver has recently been updated.

The obvious question here is whether you should install these updates or not.

As mentioned, driver updates are essential, but let’s just say that these are included in the optional list, so you might as well take them with a pinch of salt.

Besides, users point out that for such updates, it’s always a good idea to check the manufacturer’s website. Somebody mentioned they have had serious trouble with installing the wrong Realtek suggested driver.



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Additionally, we would also suggest using dedicated third-party software to help you with this operation.

DriverFix, for instance, is such a tool, that will suggest not just the latest, but also only the compatible drivers for your device.

Have you also noticed these driver updates suggestions? Tell us about your experience in the comments sections below.