Play old PC games on widescreen resolution with this method

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by Teodor Nechita
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play old games widescreen
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If you’re an avid gamer, but mostly a fan of the golden age of gaming, then your biggest heartbreak is not being able to play the same games as you used to.

Either they are hard to find, or they are hard to port to the modern Operating Systems that are now available.

However, once in a while you do manage to find your favorite title, and maybe even make it playable, so now you are wondering how you can make use of your modern widescreen monitor.

That is where Game Widescreener comes into the picture, as it is a freeware tool that will allow you to play your favorite old PC games on a widescreen monitor easily.

What makes Game Widescreener great?

In theory, you wouldn’t need Game Widescreener to get the job done. You could just manually edit some .INI file or maybe add x-res and y-res values in the target field of shortcuts.

However, in all honesty, no one knows how to do this by heart, especially after a long time. Thus, using Game Widescreener is mainly for the sake of reducing some of the hassle.

By heading over to the official Game Widescreener website you can take a look at the list of supported games and the program interface.

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How to use Game Widescreener

The GUI of the program is very easy to use as it has just four options, and they are also written in English.

  1. Press Select Games
    • This will display the list of all supported games
  2. Once you select a game, Game Widescreener will try to detect it on your PC.
    • If it can’t find it, you will manually have to specify the game directory
  3. Manually input your screen’s resolution
  4. Press Install


The program works with all Windows versions Vista and above, and it is also available in a portable version.

Excited about trying your childhood favorite games again? Let us know what you think of Game Widescreener in the comments section below!

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