OneDrive for Business gets a native 360° image viewer and more

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Microsoft added a native 360° image viewer to OneDrive for Business.

Pan and zoom 360° photos within OneDrive

This new functionality will help you to pan and zoom 360° panoramic images directly in OneDrive. From now on, if you upload 2:1 photos or 360° photos, they will be automatically identified as 360° images.

Every time you open a 360° photo in OneDrive, the native image viewer will appear. OneDrive 360 degree panorama photos 

Release notes:

  • Any 360° images uploaded to OneDrive for Business prior to the introduction of this feature will not be automatically identified. For these images, either using the manual renaming method mentioned below, or re-uploading them, will allow viewing as a 360°
  • This feature currently only supports full 360° images; we do not yet fully support partial panoramic images.
  • If 360° images downloaded from a site are stripped off their respective metadata, you can manually indicate to OneDrive that they are 360° images by renaming the image filename to end in “.360.jpg” or “.360.jpeg”.

Example:  photo.jpg  renamed to  photo.360.jpg

Before the image viewer was added to OneDrive for Business, 360° photos appeared as flat images, but now you can enjoy the full, immersive, and interactive experience while panning around panoramic images.

Microsoft aims to bring more users to OneDrive

Other new functionalities that improve OneDrive include:

  • Updates to File card in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Per-Site Anyone Link Expiration Policy
  • Full Microsoft Intune support for OneDrive
  • OneDrive mobile updates

It seems like Microsoft is working pretty hard on improving the OneDrive experience, and with new and improved features coming to OneDrive, they’re on the right track of bringing OneDrive to more and more users.

What do you think about the new 360° image viewer in OneDrive?


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