OneDrive Doesn’t Upload for Some Windows 8.1, 10 Users

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A couple of Windows 8.1 users have been complaining that their OneDrive folderwon’t upload, and the’sync’ folder options has been greyed out. Find more about it below.
one drive doesn't upload windows 8.1

I’ve got two machines, one Win7 and one Win 8.1. I’ve installed OneDrive on the Win7 machine, dragged a folder of files underneath the OneDrive folder, and it synced fine. Great. When I go to the OneDrive website, the files are there and the Win7 machine name is listed. Ducky.

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OneDrive doesn’t sync for some Windows 8.1 users, fix not yet found

As you can see in the above excerpt from the Microsoft Community support forums, OneDrive seems to work in Windows 7 and doesn’t synchronized its content on the Windows 8.1 laptop. Here’s some more from his complaint:

OneDrive to pulls files down from the website, so the files from the Win7 machine have appeared locally on the Win8.1 machine. – I’ve dragged a folder of files to the OneDrive folder just as on the Win7 box. But it doesn’t upload. – I’ve tried the OneDrive metro app, starts then seems to crash. (No files are listed.) – The ‘sync’ option in the right-click menu underneath the OneDrive folder is greyed out, as is “view sync problems.” I’ve tried everything I could find to try (that I could get to.) Permissions seem to be fine. It seems like something is disabled, but navigating the morass of settings and weird corners of configuration, I’ve not been able to find anything quite relevant.

At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate fix for this problem, and what I can suggest is to perform the latest Windows Update scan, as it could contain a possible solution for this glitch. We’ll be keeping an eye on this issue and report once it’s been solved. If you happen to know a working fix, do let us know by leaving your comment below.

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