FIX: Microsoft OneNote and Evernote Importer not working

Aleksandar Ognjanovic
by Aleksandar Ognjanovic
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onenote evernote importer not working

Solutions to fix OneNote and Evernote import issues

  1. Sign out/sign in again and disable encryption
  2. Re-download the Importer tool
  3. Scan for malware
  4. Sync your Evernote files and disable Sync temporarily
  5. Export notes as an “enex” file
  6. Update Evernote for Windows and OneNote
  7. Reinstall OneNote and Evernote for Windows

Migration between similar applications should be a simple task. This, sadly, isn’t the case for users who try to import their Evernote notes to Microsoft OneNote. These apps are quite comparable and the whole process shouldn’t be a drag. Especially since there’s a dedicated tool provided by Microsoft which automatizes the transition. Except, it seems that Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer won’t work.

We have a few solutions for the problem below, so make sure to check them out. Hopefully, they’ll help you address the problem.

Microsoft OneNote/Evernote Importer won’t work

1: Sign out/sign in again and disable encryption

Firstly, we need to put a small disclaimer. The Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer is not the best piece of software you’ll ever run into. The discrepancy between the updates of two respective applications is more than a problem. And frequent Evernote updates might’ve broken the bond between the two. The bond which allows the Importer to work in the first place. So, take these steps with the pinch of salt, as we can’t possibly fix something which doesn’t work on the programming basis.

With that in mind, the first step you could try is to sign out and sign in again with your Microsoft Account associated with OneNote. The second step is to disable the encryption on your OneNote notebooks or individual notes. This helped some people avoid the error or speed up the importing process. Which is, judged by reports, a lot slower than one could expect.

2: Redownload the Importer tool

The importer might be affected by some other third-party programs or it needs more permissions in order to access your notes. Also, there’s a chance that you misconfigured the setup. With that in mind, after you’ve prepared Evernote for Windows and OneNote for the transfer, we suggest re-downloading the Importer tool first. This might resolve your problem but don’t your hopes high.

If the issue is persistent, move to the next step.

3: Scan for malware

There are, literary, dozens of threads about this topic. Which means that the problem affected lots of users. And, also, that there’s no a defined solution. One user has successfully managed to resolve the error with Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer by cleaning his PC from a malicious software. There’s a slight chance that there are some Potentially Unwanted Programs which affect the import of notes.

On that note, we suggest scanning for malicious software on your PC. We explained how to do it with Windows Defender below:

  1. Open Windows Defender from the taskbar notification area.
  2. Choose Virus & threat protection.onenote evernote importer not working
  3. Choose Scan options.onenote evernote importer not working
  4. Select Windows Defender Offline Scan.
  5. Click Scan now.
  6. Your PC will restart and the scanning process will commence.

4: Sync your Evernote files and disable Sync temporarily

Official instructions suggest syncing all notes prior to using the Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer. We would go a step further and suggest disabling the Sync during the procedure. If the Evernote for Windows syncs in the background all the time, it might disrupt the exporting of notes.

After you’re sure everything is there, start the procedure. As we mentioned above, we don’t advise the use of web-based Evernote application. Download Evernote for Windows, here. Wait until it syncs all notes to local storage, and only then use the Microsoft Evernote to OneNote Importer utility.

5: Export notes as an “enex” file

Instead of trying to directly transfer notes from Evernote to OneNote, you can try to export them in the “enex” format to your PC and import them that way. This worked for some users, while others experienced a sudden halt and the application crashed. This is a common way of exporting notes and it completely diminishes the use of the Importer, but it is what it is.

If you’re, on the other hand, still unable to resolve the problem this way, move onward to the next steps.

6: Update Evernote for Windows and OneNote

As we already said, Evernote developers are not exactly eager to meddle with the reverse engineering and optimize Evernote to work with OneNote. They keep their eyes on the application development which is, possibly, much more important. The ones who need to step up are Microsoft’s team responsible for OneNote development.

The best thing you can do to reduce the discrepancy between the two is to update both and hope for the best. Make sure to keep them both up to date and try exporting notes again.

7: Reinstall OneNote and Evernote for Windows

Finally, if none of the previous steps helped you successfully export notes from Evernote to OneNote (or vice-versa), the only thing we can recommend is the reinstallation of both applications. If that doesn’t help, send your ticket to Microsoft or contact the Live Support and ask for the resolution.

With that said, we can wrap up this article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the problem in the comments section below.


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