How to open CFG files on Windows 10 computers

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Key notes

  • Configuration files used by programs to configure the parameters and initial settings are saved as CFG files.
  • In this article, we will present you with the best tools to use if you ever need to open a CFG file.
  • In our File Opener section, you can find the best programs to open any kind of file format.
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A CFG file is a configuration file that stores settings and configuration information for programs. CFG is used by developers when writing different programs. There are various CFG files that store data in various formats.

These CFG files are often named config.cfg, with it containing a variable and value per line. Text editors are needed to read or edit CFG files most especially in Windows 10.

Windows Report has compiled some of the best software which can open CFG files in Windows 10 PC.

How can I open CFG files in Windows 10?

File Viewer Plus 4

File Viewer Plus is one of the best tools that helps you to open, edit, and even convert over 400 file formats.

It features an intuitive interface where you can quickly search through your files and view file previews directly in the file browser. Also, for quicker access, you can save file locations.

What makes this software better than other similar tools, is that it can open less common file formats. So, if you have unknown files on your computer, try to open them with File Viewer Plus.

File Viewer Plus 4

File Viewer Plus 4

Open and edit your .CFG files with the best universal file opener software.
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Microsoft Notepad

Microsoft Notepad is a popular text editor used by hundreds of millions worldwide. Although it is primarily used for basic coding by developers, Notepad consists of a simple text editor that is available to all Windows operating systems.

The tool allows you to wrap your text while choosing the font, size style, and text. In addition, Notepad supports CFG file formats and over fifteen different text encoding formats

Although Notepad is limited to basic formatting features you can still view, edit, and modify CFG source code files. This makes Notepad a simple yet powerful text editor to open CFG files in Windows 10.

Meanwhile, Notepad is already built into Windows 10, hence, you can use it to open CFG files by default.

Microsoft WordPad

Another Microsoft tool for opening CFG files in Windows 10 is WordPad. Microsoft WordPad is a text editor tool that combines features from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Notepad.

It is more of a hybrid text editor with many features than Notepad but fewer capabilities than Microsoft Word.

WordPad enables diverse formatting options where you customize the fonts, line spacing, and text format in your text document. You can also embed links and objects such as shapes and images into your text documents.

The tool also offers advanced options for sending your documents via email through Outlook. WordPad supports CFG files and more file formats than Notepad like .docx format.

If you intend to open CFG files in Windows 10, WordPad is a handy tool to use. Besides, WordPad doesn’t require many graphic details and comes in handy as an advanced option to the popular Microsoft Notepad.


open aspx file

Notepad++ is a text-based editor that has many similar features to Microsoft Notepad. This tool is very popular among web developers as it gives extra code editing features than Notepad.

The editing tool uses a drag and drop function while providing a tabbed document interface.

Since the program is used mainly for source code editing, it supports many popular programming languages such as Java, HTML, and C++.

If you intend to modify and edit program CFG files, Notepad++ gives extra functionality and flexibility. Also, it supports plugins which can be added to CFG files for added functionality.

Besides, being a powerful text editor that excels in coding and supports multiple file formats, Notepad++ is an excellent tool to open CFG files on Windows 10 PC.

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NoteTab is a text editor developed by Swiss tech company Fookes Software. The award-winning app is known for its unique Html editor and versatile text editor.

This tool has unique features such as its Search and replace option which allows you to modify the selection of text, a whole document or even unopened files on your drive. The text editor comes with a unique clipboard which contains snippets which can be inserted into your document location.

In addition, NoteTab can also be used to open CFG files. It supports CFG file-formats whereby you can modify your files and edit contents.  It also supports other formats like HTML and CSS and is an excellent tool for coding.

NoteTab is not free to download but there is a 30 day trial period.

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PSPad is a free handy text editor tool available on Windows OS most especially Windows 10.  This editor allows you to make basic editing of source files with simple drag and drop interface.

PSPad enables diverse text formatting features with its inbuilt code editor making it ideal for programming.

PSPad supports CFG format files and allows for viewing and modification of CFG format files. Hence, you can use PSPad to open CFG files.

Moreover, this tool also supports formats like HTML and CSS and has a converter that converts file formats.

Download PSPad

Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is a popularly used office suite similar to Microsoft office suite. The suite has a writer which is a word processor with lots of advanced features to that of a notepad.

Apache OpenOffice Writer supports many formats such as .doc, .docx, and most especially CFG files. In addition, OpenOffice Writer allows you to perform diverse functions such as text and spell check as well as formatting documents.

The program gives a standard layout with many formatting samples available for you to use. OpenOffice Writer can open CFG files and other popular text formats such as DOCX, RTF, TXT and HTML.

OpenOffice Writer is a good word processor and gives a good option when working with CFG files in Windows 10.

Download Apache Open Office

In conclusion, there are other software out there that can open CFG format files, but the software we mentioned in the guide provide more features and simplicity in modifying CFG files.

Do you know of any other ways not listed here on how to open CFG files in Windows 10? Share with us in the comments section below.