6 best Microsoft Word antivirus to protect your documents

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by Milan Stanojevic
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  • If you practice safe computing, then you clearly want to find a reliable Microsoft Word antivirus.
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best Microsoft Word antivirus
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The digital space has brought with it a myriad of benefits and challenges in equal measure, but one of the main challenges experienced globally is cybercrime.

Most casualties of cybercrime and related threats report that they either downloaded a file or documentor clicked on a link or simply visited a website that they later discovered was not secure.

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Microsoft Word users may have at one time or other experienced threats that infiltrated their computer systems by a simple opening of a file attachment or download from an unknown source.

The general degree of danger for such vulnerabilities is determined by the ease of exploitation, the prevalence of such programs, possible consequences of the attack, and the availability of prepared countermeasures.

Consequences of such attacks are serious because once the attacker has access, he gets the same privileges that you, the user, has on your computer system, including files and documents.

This article looks at the best Microsoft Word antivirus software to protect you and your documents against exploitation and threats.

What’s the best Microsoft Word antivirus?

BullGuard (recommended)

download BullGuard

Over time, hackers have been targeting a security hole in Microsoft Word, like Word 2010 which had a vulnerability that was exploited by hackers. This made remote code execution possible.

Attackers can remotely seize control of affected computers, so hackers create booby-trapped documents in RTF format that would exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft Word versions.

This would inadvertently invite attacks, so don’t hesitate to make sure this can never happen to you by using BullGuard.

BullGuard’s vulnerability scanner detects outdated software that is easily exploited by hackers.

Even more, its powerful backup tools keep your files safe in case of a system crash or computer loss.

These are some BullGuard key features you’re about to enjoy:

  • Effective, user-friendly design
  • Easy to use dashboard interface with clearly marked features and actions
  • Quarantine manager that isolates all suspicious files
  • Automatic PC tune-up
  • Game Booster feature for a gaming experience free of any FPS drops
  • 15-days free trial to be sure this is the right antivirus for you


Our top pick overall for document protection is none other than Bullguard. Currently available at a major discount!
$23.99/year Get it free

Read our full BullGuard review


get Bitdefender

This antivirus delivers continuous, powerful protection against threats that may exploit Microsoft Word or other Office programs, and any other sophisticated threats.

Bitdefender Labs release signature updates to protect against unpatched Word exploits, as vulnerabilities affect Word program, which in turn can be exploited by attackers to gain access to your systems and documents.

A good example is Backdoor PoisonIvy, which when installed, grants complete control over the affected computer to an attacker. Bitdefender antivirus detected this backdoor threat.

Other malicious files containing exploits are detected by Bitdefender and published on their website once analyses are complete.

Bitdefender features layered next-generation endpoint protection against cyber threats to detect advanced persistent threats, protect from ransomware, defeat exploits, and zero-day attacks that are common vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word.

It also has the GravityZone Endpoint Security HD with HyperDetect with specialized local machine models and behavior analysis techniques trained to spot and detect hacking tools, malware obfuscation, and exploits.



A Bitdefender subscription lets you protect all your Microsoft Office programs. Claim the best deal right away!
$29.99/year Visit website


get Panda

This antivirus pools advanced protection technologies, detection, and remediation features, to classify 100 percent of running processes on all endpoints.

It features endpoint protection from a centralized platform to protect against all forms of malware and spam. It also has contextual intelligence used to reveal patterns of malicious behavior and generate defensive strategies to counter any known or unknown threats.

Panda offers standard functionality with three types of scans including real-time, on-demand, and scheduled scans.

As a Microsoft Word antivirus, Panda can delete the virus or threat, rename affected files or documents, or alternatively, ignore the file or document.

If you regularly send out or receive Microsoft Word files, you can configure Panda to detect and eliminate macro viruses automatically, including in compressed files.

It is easy to use, install and maintain, minimizes resource usage, gives guaranteed service availability, and constant system monitoring.



Panda offers great Microsoft Word protection without slowing down your system. Eager to try it out?
$29.46/year Visit website


try out Kaspersky

Kaspersky has easy management from a cloud-based console if you’re a corporate or enterprise entity.

The Kaspersky antivirus for Windows Workstations is a Microsoft Word antivirus that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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Features include cloud endpoint security with strong protection and easy management, advanced world-class cybersecurity for business, and ready-to-scale protection against every type of threat your company faces, on-premise or cloud.

Its multi-layered protection is powered by machine learning and human expertise and offers granular security management, secure communication and collaboration, and enhanced mobile security and device management.

Other key features include a security operations center to detect and remediate threats and Fraud Prevention for proactive detection of cross-channel fraud in real-time.

Its comprehensive practical reporting (APT Intelligence) feature lets you increase your awareness and knowledge of high profile, targeted attacks.

Kaspersky’s Automatic Exploit Prevention technology helps protect you and your documents against zero-day threats common in Microsoft Word (or Office).

This technology is based on the analysis of exploits’ behavior and data from the most frequently attacked apps.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security here

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try out Sophos

Sophos is your best Microsoft Word antivirus as it is simple to set up and easy to manage and maintain while providing advanced, powerful server-specific protection for your apps and data.

It features anti-ransomware, app whitelisting, advanced anti-malware, and HIPS, with easy, centralized management of security for all servers.

It also comes with CryptoGuard to stop ransomware from encrypting critical business data, malicious traffic detection, Synchronized Security for accelerated threat discovery, application, and device control.

Many attackers have been leveraging the zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft’s Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) trick to deploy remote-access Trojans (RATs).

Sophos Intercept X protects customers from zero-day vulnerabilities by stopping attacks using the DDE that attack Microsoft Word and Office in general, because attackers could exploit it to turn malware without using macros.

Download Sophos here


try out ESET

Eset file security protects all your sensitive files running on the Windows operating system.

This cross-platform antimalware protection safeguards against infection, with the Eset NOD32 Technology working with Exploit Blocker and Advanced Memory Scanner to neutralize sophisticated threats.

Malicious attachments can contain threats often embedded into emails as phishing or scam emails to trick you into opening infected Word documents.

Such emails have enticing subject lines trying to give you free stuff or scare you into opening the document.

Such documents look harmless but install the malware in the background or display useless information but it may be too late.

Policies that deal with Word macros and attachments are the best way to combat this type of malware delivery.

Some benefits you can enjoy with this Microsoft Word antivirus include data protection with specialized cleaners, optimization for virtual environments, storage scans, log collection, simple licensing, and it is light on your system.

Get ESET File Security here

Which Microsoft Word antivirus do you use? Could it be the powerful BullGuard or Panda since it can detect macro viruses automatically?

Share with us your favorite and your experience with it in the comments section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Microsoft Word antivirus solutions

  • Does Microsoft Office include antivirus?

Yes, it does. Windows Defender protects Office programs, and it actually does a decent job.

  • Is Windows Defender enough to protect my PC?

Premium software tools are much more comprehensive in meeting most of your PC protection needs.

If you are unhappy with Windows Defender, check out the best antivirus programs compatible with Windows 10.

  • Which is the best antivirus for PC?

For the best antivirus software for PC, we recommend BullGuard. It gives top malware protection and extra gaming features that could be appealing to users.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been since revamped and updated in June 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Editor's Note: This article was originally published in January 2018 and was revamped and updated in October 2020 for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.