What software can I use to open PHP files on Windows 10?

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PHP is a webpage file format that contains Hypertext pre-processor code. It usually contains functions which are used by programmers to get date or time and access information from a database.

The PHP code is processed within your web server by a PHP engine which generates the HTML code. The HTML contains the content in the file and is sent to your web browser to be displayed as normal text and images which is viewed by the user.

Are you looking for a way to open your PHP files? Windows Report has compiled the best software that can open PHP files on your Windows 10 PC.

How to open PHP files on Windows 10


File Viewer Plus (Recommended)

best software to open csv filesFile Viewer Plus is a lightweight and powerful utility tool for viewing various file formats. File viewer supports various file formats and can open over 100 different file types. PHP file is supported by this utility tool and you can view information contained in your PHP file using File Viewer Plus.

One unique feature of file viewer plus is that you can view hidden files and it has an easy to use interface with basic tools properly arranged. However, File Viewer Plus is a unique software to open PHP files on Windows 10 computers as it encompasses many features; also, it is compatible with PHP files.

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Adobe Dreamweaver

How to open PHP files on Windows 10Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular web development software developed by Adobe Inc. The software incorporates an integrated development environment(IDE) which enables programmers to create industry-standard web pages and applications.

Dream Weaver has a visual WYSIWYG interface which is used to generate HTML code and also enables users to modify HTML code. Meanwhile, this software supports many advanced coding and syntax languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, and most especially PHP files. The software can be used to open PHP files with the live view interface offering user tools to modify contents in the PHP file.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent software to open PHP files on Windows 10 computers. Hence, website developers can easily create websites with this software due to its user-friendly interface which is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Download Adobe Dreamweaver



How to open PHP files on Windows 10Eclipse PHP development tool is a web development software which is used to develop websites and web applications.

The software offers a PHP integrated development environment which enables users to create web applications and extensions.

Eclipse PHP development tools can easily open PHP files and can be used to modify PHP files contents. The software has several tools which users can use to manipulate details in the PHP file. Its web project tools offer developers access to various PHP capability features.

Lastly, Eclipse PHP development tool is a decent tool to download as you get all the necessary features needed to create, modify, and open PHP files on Windows 10 computers.

Download Eclipse

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How to open PHP files on Windows 10WeBuilder is a powerful code editor which is used by developers to build and manage website coding. WeBuilder has many features such as creating and modifying computer language formats such as CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

With WeBuilder you can easily open, edit and manipulate PHP files using its built-in tools. Tools such as realtime PHP syntax checker, PHP debugger (xDebug), built-in web server, and PHP code beautifier can be

However, WeBuilder is an ideal software for web developers as it flexible to use with powerful features. This makes it a recommended application to open PHP files on Windows 10.

Download Webuilder

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Zend Studio

How to open PHP files on Windows 10Zend Studio is a web development application used to develop PHP applications. The software provides an integrated development environment which enables for split editing, code assist real-time analysis and application development.

In addition, Zend Studio is one of the comprehensive software for PHP file formats. Meanwhile, PHP is the default file format in Zend studio; hence, you can modify, import, export, and open PHP files. Zend studio also offers support for other language formats such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Users also have access to advance debug tools which helps diagnose bugs and performance issued in your PHP based applications. This tool also has interactive tutorials for beginners on how to use the application effectively. Meanwhile, Zend Studio is quite popular due to all these features and is recommended software to open PHP files on Windows 10 computers.

Download Zend Studio



How to open PHP files on Windows 10Notepad++ is a popular text editor with advanced features than Microsoft notepad. It is usually used to create source codes and is basically a text editor with more features. The text editor enables users to split screen editing and supports various programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

PHP files can be easily opened and edited with various tools such as syntax highlighting and customizable shortcut key mapping.

Notepad is an efficient text editor which is a useful tool to download as it has advanced functionality and is capable of opening code files format most especially PHP files on Windows 10 computers.

Download Notepad++

In conclusion, you can use any of the programs we mentioned above to open PHP files on your Windows 10 computers. However, functionality differs as some software enables you to view and have limited modifications to the file, while other software enables full modification to the PHP files.

Have you used any of the software we mentioned above? Share your experience with us. Feel free to comment below.



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