Why PayPal won’t let me remove bank? Here’s the solution

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PayPal is probably the largest and most renowned service for online payments. However, in recent years, users started looking for alternatives as PayPal is seemingly too much of a hustle for some of them.

One common problem that occurs whenever users want to remove the bank seems to be still unaddressed. Nonetheless, if PayPal won’t let you remove the bank, we have a few things to recommend.

How do I remove the bank from PayPal?

1. Make sure that all payments are already processed and there are no pending transactions

It’s quite obvious why PayPal would prevent bank removal if all made payments are not processed and there are pending transactions at hand. Of course, in most user reports we see that they indeed can’t find anything similar, but we encourage you to do a double-check.

Also, make sure that all subscriptions are declined. This is quite important. Select Settings (cog), choose Payments and then select Manage automatic payments. There, under the Active payments, you should cancel all subscriptions.

paypal won't remove bank

Make sure to check all the pending transactions and, if the problem persists, you should definitely contact the support.

If you are tired of PayPal, you can remove the account by following these instructions.

2. Contact the support

Now, if you take a look at the support forum, a lot of users are quite angry at how things are handled by PayPal. And we hear you, the issue with the bank removal is quite debilitating. However, we tested it on our account and the option to remove a bank from your account is working fine.

Due to its customer protection practices, PayPal will automatically prevent bank removal. Sometimes, even the smallest transaction might lead to this. That’s why we encourage you to screenshot anything and share it with the PayPal support team. You can do so via the Resolution Center.

paypal won't remove bank

Hopefully, this will help you address the issue. If you found the way to resolve this, it would be nice to share it with other readers in the comments section below.


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