5 best free AI software for Windows 10/11

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  • AI software adds artificial intelligence technology to your company's products or services. If you're not yet ready to spend money, use free AI software for Windows 10.
  • We listed the top 5 free AI software to jumpstart your business. Four have free trials, and one is open-source. Thoroughly explore your options before making a decision.
  • Check out the best talking PC software to get a better idea of what you can achieve with AI.
  • Visit our Artificial Intelligence hub for more cool guides!
best ai software for pc

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Free AI software solutions help you implement artificial intelligence technology into your products and services on Windows 10.

AI began making its way into business software quite a while ago, and it will continue this journey in the future without a doubt.

The smart applications include machine and deep learning algorithms into their everyday functionality to better automate tasks for users.

Automating processes saves user time and energy, making the job effortless and promoting increased efficiency and productivity.

We picked the 5 best free AI software for PC, and we’ll offer you a sneak peek at their key features and functionalities to help you make a more informed decision.

Top 5 free AI software to build smart applications


Braina is an artificial intelligence software solution that can perform loads of tasks on Windows 10. It’s also an incredible virtual assistant that can help you accomplish various operations quicker and easier.

Braina, aka Brain Artificial, is a human language interface, automation, and voice recognition software as well that flawlessly works on computers running Windows.

Need a virtual assistant on Windows 10? Forget Cortana and check out these amazing alternatives.

This software allows you to interact with your Windows 10 PC using voice commands. You’ll also be able to convert speech to text in more than 100 languages.

Here are the key features of Braina:

  • Braina allows you to control your PC using voice and natural language commands.
  • Unlike Siri or Cortana, Braina is a powerful personal and office productivity software that’s more than a chat-bot.
  • The software’s priority is enhanced functionality and helping users with their tasks.
  • If you type or speak your command, the software will totally understand your wish.
  • Using Braina’s apps, you will also get the chance to interact with your PC from anywhere in your home via a Wi-Fi network.
  • The software comes with fantastic speech recognition features that will convert your voice into text in any website.
  • Braina is also a fantastic mathematician, and it will speak the answer to any problem that you have to solve.
  • This software can easily open files, programs, websites, folders, and more.
  • Other handy features that are included in this great AI software are the ability to create customized voice commands, replies, notes, setting alarms and reminders, triggering actions on your computer startup, and many more.

Braina has a free version called Braina Lite.

Download Braina Lite

Find out more about this free AI software solution by reading our Braina review.


H2O.ai was named a leader among the 16 vendors that are included in the Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms, and this is excellent.

H2O.ai is an amazing platform for enterprises that packs lots of extremely useful features and functionalities. It also offers a free AI software solution to test its functionality.

If you also want an AI antivirus program for Windows 10, check out our best picks in this article.

Here are the H2O.ai key features:

  • Using H2O.ai, you will be able to create and train machine learning models in various environments.
  • This platform is able to operate data products and effortlessly design and deploy AI apps as well, so it is ideal for engineers.
  • Executives can analyze data sets and extract insights while also resolving various business problems.
  • AI has the great ability to make machine learning accessible without having to own a vast knowledge and expertise in deploying or tuning machine learning models.
  • This platform manages to make the AI machine for mission-critical data products for the most influential and most admired companies throughout the whole world.

H2O.ai has a free trial.

⇒ Try H2O.ai (free)


Inbenta is a conversational platform that is able to deliver incredible and real results. It offers a free AI software solution and has industry-leading self-service rates of more than 90%.

The AI and lateral language processing aims to boost customer happiness at all times. Every brand means a lot to its customers, and the best AI software is well-aware of this and acts in consequence.

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Here are the key features of Inbenta:

  • This software packs a lot of tools and one of the most exciting ones is the InbentaBot – your 24/7 customer agent that is available even if your support team isn’t.
  • The chatbots are evolving more and more with every human interaction, and they are capable of understanding the context behind each of the words users are saying in more than 25 languages.
  • The powerful search technology used by Inbenta is able to read between the lines in order to understand what customers type and what they actually mean.
  • Inbenta boasts highly conversational skills and its AI gets more and more personal with users, understanding their personality, emotions, and tone.
  • Using Inbenta, you will get the chance to enjoy amazing performance and seamless integration.
  • The powerful algorithms can teach the AI to gain insights from all customer conversations in order to optimize user experience continually.

Inbenta has a free trial.

⇒ Try Inbenta (free)


NVIVO is another excellent artificial intelligence software product. It targets qualitative data analysis but also offers a free AI software solution.

Whether you are working in a team or individually, you’re new to research or have lots of years of expertise behind, you will definitely find an NVIVO option that will suit your needs and skills as well.

Read this article to find the best language-learning software with speech recognition for Windows 10.

Here are the key features of NVIVO:

  • You will be able to organize information and store it in a single place.
  • You can ask questions about data that are not possible manually, and you can find evidence-based data faster and easier.
  • Smarter insights will always make sure that you can make the best decisions.
  • Using NVIVO tools, you can reach valid and defensible conclusions, and you will get the chance to create efficient outcomes and an overall positive change.
  • The NVIVO suite includes two options for PCs running Windows: NVIVO 11 Pro for Windows and NVIVO 11 Plus for Windows.
  • These two options include extensive data types and sophisticated analysis, allowing you to reach finding faster.

NVIVO has a free trial.

⇒ Try NVIVO (free)

Apache PredictionIO

Apache PredictionIO is a bit different compared to the other artificial intelligence software tools on this list. It’s not only a free AI software solution but also an open-source Machine Learning Server.

It means that you can download, modify, and implement the Apache PredictionIO code into your own products and services at zero cost.

It’s built on top of an amazing open-source stack for developers and data scientists to create the most predictive engines for machine learning tasks.

Take a look at this article to find the best automated reasoning software that you can use today.

Here are the key features of Apache PredictionIO:

  • Quickly build and deploy an engine as a web service with various customizable templates.
  • Respond to queries in real-time.
  • Evaluate and tune more engines variants systematically.
  • Unify data from more platforms in real-time for predictive analytics.
  • Speed up the machine learning modeling with processes and pre-built evaluation measures.

Apache PredictionIO can be installed on your computer running Windows 10 as a full machine learning stack. It will simplify and accelerate scalable machine learning infrastructure management.

This is obviously more suited for expert users and developers, but it’s without a doubt, one of the most complex machine learning servers these days.

Apache PredictionIO is free and open-source.

⇒ Download Apache PredictionIO


These were our top 5 free AI software solutions you can use to build your own artificial intelligence applications. They come packed with sophisticated and unique features.

Before making your final decision, we recommend that you visit these tools’ official websites to find out as much about them as possible.

This way, you will make a well-informed decision based on your AI-related needs and skills.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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