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When the keyboard and mouse were first created, these tools created a revolution in the manner humans interacted with computers. Nowadays, a new trend is becoming more and more popular among computer owners: using their voice to control their devices. There are a series of advantages that determine user to adopt this method: it’s faster, easier, and makes the human-machine interaction more personal.

Speech interaction between users and computers is also very useful for professionals on the go, as it allows them to simply dictate their answer to important emails while embarking on their next flight. The next question is: what are the best speech recognition apps for Windows 10? We’re going to answer this question by listing the best speech recognition software currently available for Windows 10, as well as their main features.

Best speech recognition apps for Windows 10

1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition (recommended)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition windows 10 speech recognition

If you enjoyed the speech recognition experience offered by Windows’ built-in speech recognition app, and you want to take this experience to the next level, we recommend you the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition.

According to Nuance, the company behind this app, you can literally speed through your to-do list simply by speaking. This speech recognition tool allows you to create and edit documents three times faster than you can type, send emails, or search and surf the web. If you’re often on the go, you can capture notes for later transcription.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition also lets you keep up with what’s going on on social media. You can post on Facebook, check your friends’ profiles, and communicate with clients and colleagues. All you have to do is say “Post to Facebook”, and then dictate your message.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium has a $174.99 price tag, and in case you’re not satisfied – which we doubt – you can get your money back using the 30-day money back guarantee. But you also can choose another plan from the official webpage. All the products from the official webpage have the 30-day meony back guarantee.

2. Windows Speech Recognition

windows speech recognition app windows 10

Why first look elsewhere when Microsoft offers you a built-in speech recognition app? To turn this feature on, type speech recognition in the search box, and then enable the feature. When you want to activate this app, all you have to do is say “Start listening” and the microphone activates.

Windows Speech Recognition can basically do anything: it can launch apps for you, write a Word document as you’re dictating it or reply to emails. When you’re done, you can simply say “stop listening”. Also, this app is available in six languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Of course, some improvements to make the speech recognition tool more accurate would come in handy, but we suggest you first dive into the speech recognition experience using this free tool, and once you get used to it, you can try some of the apps listed below.

3. Braina

Braina speech recognition app windows 10

Braina (Brain Artificial) is a smart personal assistant, human language interface and automation software for Windows 10. This tool allows you to control your computer using only your voice, and perform various personal and office tasks much faster. The user interface is available in English only, and this may be a drawback for non-native speakers.

The list of actions Braina can perform is impressive: it can take dictations, search information on the web, play the songs you want to hear, open or search files on your computer, set alarms and reminders, do mathematical calculations, remember notes for you, automate various computer tasks, read ebooks and more.

You can download the free edition of Braina, but some of the features mentioned above won’t be available, or you can purchase the Pro Edition for $29 for a one-year subscription, or $59 for a two-year license.

4. VoxCommando

This speech recognition tool doesn’t offer as many features as the tools listed above, focusing mainly on controlling multimedia. VoxCommando allows you to voice control your media, home automation, and PC. You can also customize the settings and commands to make it easier for you to control all you devices. If tinkering is your hobby, this is the perfect tool for you, as it lets you add voice control to almost anything.
VoxCommando uses two speech engine options, and supports more than 20 languages and accents.

The main advantage for this tool is that it allows for a higher degree of customization, but it not as versatile as the speech recognition tools listed above. VoxCommando is basically a speech recognition tool for tech savvy users.

You can try VoxCommand for free before you purchase this tool for $31. No refund is offered once the purchase is made, therefore you should first test it out for free before buying it.

5. Cortana

cortana speech recognition

Microsot has managed to significantly improve Cortana in the Anniversary Update, but the app still has a series of limitations and is still plagued by many bugs. On the other hand, Cortana works on all your Windows devices, which make it more familiar and easier to use for Windows users.

You can dictate emails to Cortana, search for information on the Internet, ask Cortana to call your contacts, launch apps on your computer and more. In order to function at its full potential Cortana needs to collect private information about you, and this has been bugging users for a long time.  On the other hand, speech recognition software that exists only on your computer, such as the Windows Speech Recognition app, work even when the privacy setting is turned off.

Have you already used some of the speech recognition tools listed above? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in August 2016 and has been since revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. We want to be sure that our list has the best products that will fit your needs.



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