Best PC water cooling cases [2020 Guide]

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water cooling PC cases

Water cooled PCs were once considered only for the elite gamers who were spending tons of hours fine-tuning every system specification, but now they have been gaining more popularity lately among ordinary users.

The main benefits of using a PC case for water cooling include that the fact that there’s better thermal transfer of heat between the components and the cooling system and also fewer fans means less noise.

Cooler temperatures are sustained over time and today’s water cooling systems are really efficient and reliable.


The best PC cases for water cooling

DEEPCOOL Mid Tower Case Dukase Liquid (recommended)

Dukase Liquid is able to integrate a liquid cooling system featuring some integrated red LED light sources that can illuminate the entire rig, and also the flow indicator, LED light panel, water block and LED strips.

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Check out the best features of this PC case below:

  • The PC case for water cooling is styled with a Steam Punk appearance.
  • It’s focused on unbeatable cooling performance under a low noise operation.
  • Another exciting feature is the specially designed flow indicator which makes the flow rate of this coolant extremely visible.
  • Using the Dukase Liquid case, you’ll be able to experience an extraordinary visual experience.
  • The side panel is made of acrylic glass which is specially processed for a clear view of the interior.
  • The multiple built-in LED strips are able to create an exciting mood for users, and they also provide a relaxing atmosphere.

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There’s also a custom LED light panel featuring the Gamer Storm logo that offers a premium quality to the customized lighting effects. You can get the Dukase Liquid case on Amazon and enjoy the best PC cooling experience.

Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition

The Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition is an E-ATX cube case that provides endless stackable capacity and also expandability for users to create massive liquid cooling systems.

You can utilize this as a file server and also accommodate dual systems.

Check out the best features that you’ll get to enjoy if you purchase the Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition:

  • You can customize the chassis for the best viewing presentation with an I/O panel design and an interchangeable window.
  • The Core X9 Snow offers a fantastic cooling performance, and the air-cooling units are sturdy as well.
  • This offers users an expandable system allowing them to incorporate externally-modular upgrades.
  • The chassis opens up space in order to expand the liquid cooling system.
  • When it’s stacked, the maximum radiator length supported is 600mm on the front side.
  • The Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition is designed for high-end gaming systems, and it allows gamers to install up to six data storage devices.
  • This chassis comes with an excellent cooling ability, and it’s optimized for space management.
  • There’s lots of flexibility to gain the maximum interior space when you need it for advanced cooling performance or liquid systems.

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The chassis comes with a Tt LCS certification meaning that it was tested to be compatible with extreme liquid cooling configurations in order to ensure that you get the best performance.

You can get the Thermaltake Core X9 Snow Edition from the official site and check out more of its impressive features.


The DEEPCOOL GENOME II PC Case is the world’s first unique gaming case with an integrated liquid cooling system, and now it has been upgraded.

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Check out the best functionalities that are implemented in this cooling case for your PC:

  • It comes with a 360mm radiator liquid cooling system pre-installed.
  • It also includes a Transparent Helix water Tube that is visible at the front panel, and it comes with white LED strips.
  • There are two fixing positions for the 3.5-inches HDD cage that will offer flexible space for the PSU.
  • The PC case comes with support for a 200mm fan, and there’s a 120/240mm liquid cooler installation at the front.
  • This case is extremely well built, and its design is well thought out.
  • The installation of the DEEPCOOL GENOME II PC Case is effortless, and it requires just a bit of reading.
  • The liquid cooler is extremely quiet even when it’s under 100% load.

You can check out more features and functionalities and get the DEEPCOOL GENOME II PC Case from Amazon right now to be able to enjoy all these cool specs that are included in it.

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Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case

Conquer is based on COUGAR’s fantastic design DNA with aluminum framing and military style.

By using the innovative aluminum alloy frame to forge an all-new masterpiece, this is one of the dream masterpieces regarding the cooling systems.

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Check out the best features that are included in the Cougar CONQUER ATX Gaming Case:

  • It comes with a unique aluminum framing and an amazing tempered glass.
  • The open-frame concept is composed of an aluminum alloy frame with 5mm tempered glass side panels.
  • You will be able to showcase your high-end and powerful gaming system with fantastic vision.
  • Considering that cooling is a crucial element for gamers, the Conquer offers all that you could ask for.
  • It supports a 360mm water cooling radiator at the top and a 240mm water cooling radiator at the front for enhanced air-flow and the best cooling performance.

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This cooling case is designed for modders, and it breaks away from traditional cases, providing an effortless way to build and modify the case.

It offers superior expandability, and modders will be able to enjoy unprecedented levels of creativity and freedom to create their dream case.

Mid Tower Case, DEEPCOOL GENOME II Water Cooling System

Genome II is the second gen of the ATX PC case designed by DEEPCOOL that comes with a pre-installed extreme performance liquid cooling system.

It features a breathing light pump, an excellent helix reservoir, a 360mm radiator, white LED strips and easy assembly.

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Take a look at more exciting functionalities offered by the DEEPCOOL GENOME II 360 CPU Water Cooling System:

  • It features a blue Captain pump perfect for the helix, and it shines with white LED breathing lights.
  • It also includes an upgraded cylindrical reservoir with double-helix that offers gamers a fantastic cooling performance but also an excellent custom look with high brightness lightning effects.
  • There’s a pre-installed extreme cooling system with liquid that ensures PC builders an amazing cooling performance.
  • The side window will reveal the interior of the case, and it will ensure a visible hardware effect.
  • You’ll also get to enjoy better cable management compared to other models of PC cases.

The DEEPCOOL GENOME II 360 CPU Water Cooling System comes with an optimized internal structure and separating functional areas. It offers more compatible extended support for different parts.

You can get this excellent PC case with a liquid cooling system on Amazon and enjoy its fantastic set of functionalities.

These are the best PC cases for water cooling that you can currently find on the marker and no matter which one you decide to go with, it will definitely overcome your expectations.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach for the comments section below.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2018 and has been since completely revamped and updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.