PC won’t acquire IP address: Here’s how to solve the issue

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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pc won't acquire IP address
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If you have been a bit into networking or would have been solving some of the standard error which you might get while connecting to the Internet than you must be knowing of what is IP address and how vital it is to get one for your PC.

Usually, an IP address is something which recognizes your PC on your local network and even on the World Wide Web. The IP address is a numerical label assigned to each of the device connected to the internet.

IP Address is usually allocated in two ways one happens to be a Dynamic way which is mostly used, while other happens to be static which is also used in many different networking places. If you are getting any IP address issue due to which your PC is not able to connect to the internet, then we will be helping you to resolve the issue, and connect your PC to the internet.

How to fix IP address issues on Windows PCs

Let us first rectify the cause of the problem, it might be due to a change in network, or problem with the DHCP Server of your modem, or if your router is slow or unreachable. While one of the silly reason can also be network cable not being plugged in. Let us talk about the issues in detail.

1. PC or laptop has a change in the network

Sometimes PC assumes to be in the same system and try to connect to the old IP it had, and not able to lose the same, and hence you might have to renew the IP to start the internet connection.

  • Press Win + X Key and select Administrator Command Prompt.
  • Type: ‘ipconfig/release’ and hit enter
  • Type: ‘ipconfig/renew’ and hit enter.
  • These steps will renew the IP Address of your PC and will force the PC to request for a new IP address and discard the old one.

2. DHCP Server not reachable

Many times due to some technical fault or any network conjunction the DHCP server inside the router is not reachable; hence you must try to restart the modem to fix this issue.

3. Wireless Router is not accessible

Might be due to weak network coverage the PC is not able to connect to the router hence and adequately might not able to request an IP address.

If these solutions do not work, then we must try to use the utility which is provided by Microsoft for use in such cases. There is a repair option in the Network and Sharing centre which enables us to repair the connection and try to solve the problems and sets of solution which it will perform automatically. Usually, this addresses the most common issues.

  • Click on Start button and search for Control Panel
  • Head to Network and Connection tab in the control panel.
  • Right Click on the network connection you are having a problem with and then click on repair.

These are some of the problems where you might not be able to connect to the Internet as your PC is not able to acquire IP address.

Do let us know in the comment section if you still have any problem, and also comment if you have any other solution than mentioned here.


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